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Gameweek Four Preview: Graphical Aid

August bank holiday weekend means that for the first time this season, we're graced with just two days of Premier League action. The FPL is compacted into two days, with eight matches on Sunday, and the two on Sunday. Going into Gameweek 4, Man City players have come to dominate the FPL scale, offering massive returns, and in some areas, incredible value for money. Here, the Hype Train runs down all of its graphical aid for the upcoming Gameweek, hoping to enlighten readers about potential alternatives, safe bets, and wildcards for the weekend ahead.

Each and every week on our Weekly Hype page we look at the next FPL GW. Starting with the opening weekend, we provide our pro 'Scout Picks', whilst we run down the best options in every position. Being the second week, we've included the players who have boarded the actual 'Hype Train' - the hype players.

So here's what's on the Weekly Hype for the fourth weekend of the season, with players overloading on Mancheter City assets.

For a rundown of our weekly differentials, click here, or on the picture with Max Gradel above.

The transfer deadline is once again the same - Saturday 29th August at 11.45am (UK time). FPL lovers only have two days of FPL action this week, but in all honesty that's how we'd prefer it. We'll be covering Saturday's action live on our Twitter account - @RealHypeTrain - with live FPL score charts and updates from the Premier League.

Until then, muse over our Weekly Hype page, and we wish your teams the best for the upcoming GW4.

All aboard.


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