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The Second Ten: Gameweek's 11-20

We're all deep in the burrows of a Premier League season best described as unpredictable and exciting. Whilst Chelsea lay dormant near the foot of the table, Leicester, Crystal Palace, and West Ham have enjoyed bright starts. The promoted clubs look ready for the battle in the coming months. Top four sides Arsenal and Man City are steadily making progress, whilst the North East clubs look set for a long, cold Xmas period. These are all issues concerning FPL players, and with the next ten set of games just around the corner, The Hype Train gives to you each teams' next ten fixtures, starting from Gameweek 11.

In alphabetical order, starting with Arsenal and ending with West Ham, the graphics below are easy to understand. Orange for home, blue for away. Left hand column is 11-15, right hand column is 16-20.

GW11 fixtures start on the 31st October 2015. GW20 fixtures are on the 2nd January 2016. Everything else in between.

The purpose of these 20 images are to help FPL managers when it comes to deciding on transfers and player selection. On one page, we've laid out the rest of the year into a bite-sized graphic that'll make FPL players better equipped at deciding whether or not a transfer in can stand the test of time, or whether they're only going to in your squad for one or two weeks.

Later in the week we'll be rolling out with our GW9 coverage on our Weekly Hype page. You can find all 20 of these fixture lists on their. As ever, we'll be providing our player picks for the week, our weekly wildcards, and our Graphical Aid. Until then, use this guide to start planning for the future. If you've yet to play your wildcard, this is a good starting point.

All aboard.


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