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WEEKLY WILDCARDS 2016/17: FPL Gameweek 24

Every week The Hype Train analyses the best wildcard options for your Fantasy Premier League teams. Historically weekly FPL Dream Team’s comprise of mostly wildcard players whose selection falls with a low selection % of overall players, to which there is no doubt that their influence cannot be ignored. With such an abundance of points coming from the FPL’s hidden gems The Hype Train selects one player from each Premier League match in the upcoming Gameweek to decide who could be the differential that sets your team apart. All aboard.

Weekly Wildcards: 2015/16 Season Review

The pursuit of Fantasy Premier League glory never hinges on the success of key 'essential' players, instead finding a differential with very little player ownership can help drive your team up mini-leagues and the global points ladders. The Hype Train invested a great deal of time last season trying to unearth the FPL gems that lay just beneath the surface of our thinking, and we have taken the journey to review our efforts from the 2015/16 season. We're reviewing what worked, what didn't, the teams and players to rely on, and those to avoid. All aboard as we review a season of Weekly Wildcard picks.​

To read the full Wildcard Season review, click here, or on cover stars Troy Deeney and Gylfi Sigurdsson below.


The rules for the 2015/16 season were easy enough to follow. The only rule was that a player had be to selected by less than 5% of the FPL's populace. With 2016/17's price changes, and player selection trends, we have been forced to revise our rules on what constitutes a differential. After testing the waters with selection, there are just not enough differentials with the 2015/16 classification in each position, so we have introduced position specific rules regarding what is and isn't a wildcard/differential player in the FPL that we believe is representative to the game this season.

We have set new boundaries for selection, and these rules listed below will be running throughout the 2016/17 FPL season.


- Any shot stopper outside of the top 5 selected. A differential Goalkeeper is now considered outside of the top bracket due to the overwhelming ownership selection % of the top 5 GKs for any one Gameweek.

- A GK's ownership must not exceed 10%


- Due to the pricing structure, a differential Defender is the uncommon picks for any one side. There is one or two overwhelming options for most teams in the FPL that consume ownership percentage.

- We cannot pick the top 2 selected Defenders, unless they fall below 7% ownership. We can only pick the second most selected for the same reasoning. This ensures 2 wildcard options are available for all teams.


- Any Midfielder under 8% ownership is classified as a differential.

- Our percentage criteria of 8% is due to a greater wealth of premium midfielders. There is a monopoly of top midfielders for most Premier League clubs, leaving only a handful of Midfielders that provide differential options on a weekly basis.


- We cannot pick the most highly selected Forwards in the FPL, most of which are over 10% player ownership. The exception is if the top selected Forward from any club falls below 9%.

- Our percentage criteria of 9% is high because there is already a monopoly of Forwards, and anything outside of that is considered to be a differential.



Our scoring procedure is exactly the same as the FPL's, and each week a good barometer of success is whether or not our weekly selections outscore the average points for a Gameweek. Each week the results vary due to rotation, and unpredictable scorelines, which applies more so to differential players. We have an invested interest each and every week at finding the different players to make a difference, especially since it is easy to say Aguero or Kane will get on the score sheet.

See below for how our wildcard selections got on this past Gameweek.

Gameweek 23 Average Points: 35pts Gameweek 23 Wildcard Points: 39pts


To help track our progress throughout the 2016/17 season, below you can check how our wildcard selections have done by week to week in the Fantasy Premier League.

Best Wildcard Week: GW21 - 65pts, 6 player returns

Worst Wildcard Week: GW10 - 24pts, 2 player returns

Average Points: 44 (1), 57 (2), 42 (3), 43 (4), 48 (5), 45 (6), 42 (7), 39 (8), 42 (9), 58 (10), 52 (11), 40 (12), 46 (13), 50 (14), 46 (15), 48 (16), 47 (17), 54 (18), 45 (19), 49 (20), 56 (21), 46 (22), 35 (23) = 1,084pts

Wildcard Points: 25 (1), 25 (2), 26 (3), 57 (4), 37 (5), 32 (6), 46 (7), 36 (8), 35 (9), 24 (10), 39 (11), 57 (12), 42 (13), 55 (14), 45 (15), 41 (16), 42 (17), 44 (18), 50 (19), 63 (20), 65 (21), 46 (22), 39 (23) = 971pts

Best Gamweek Wildcard Player(s)

GW1: Lukasz Fabianski (Burnley vs. Swansea) - 8pts

GW2: Michel Vorm (Spurs vs. Crystal Palace) - 7pts

GW3: John Terry (Chelsea vs. Burnley) - 6pts

GW4: Romelu Lukaku (Sunderland vs. Everton) - 17pts

GW5: Manuel Lanzini (West Brom vs. West Ham) - 7pts

GW6: Hueng-Min Son (Middlesbrough vs. Spurs) - 15pts

GW7: Troy Deeney (Watford vs. Bournemouth) - 9pts

GW8: Gylfi Sigurdsson (Arsenal vs. Swansea) - 9pts

Callum Wilson (Bournemouth vs. Hull) - 9pts

GW9: Winston Reid (West Ham vs. Sunderland) - 14pts

GW10: Claudio Bravo (West Brom vs. Man City) - 6pts

Yannick Bolasie (Everton vs. West Ham) - 6pts

GW11: Marcos Alonso (Chelsea vs. Everton) - 13pts

GW12: Harry Kane (Spurs vs. West Ham) - 13pts

GW13: Gylfi Sigurdsson (Swansea vs. Crystal Palace) - 10pts

GW14: Christian Eriksen (Spurs vs. Swansea) - 18pts

GW15: Gylfi Sigurdsson (Swansea vs. Sunderland) - 13pts

GW16: Divock Origi (Middlesbrough vs. Liverpool) - 11pts

GW17: Patrick van Aanholt (Sunderland vs. Watford) - 15pts

GW18: Andy Carroll (Swansea vs. West Ham) - 8pts

Troy Deeney (Watford vs. Crystal Palace) - 8pts

GW19: Andre Gray (Burnley vs Sunderland) - 17pts

GW20: Leighton Baines (Everton vs. Southampton) - 15pts

Dele Alli (Spurs vs. Chelsea) - 15pts

Olivier Giroud (Bournemouth vs. Arsenal) - 15pts

GW21: Marcos Alonso (Leicester vs. Chelsea) - 21pts

GW22: Andy Carroll (Middlesbrough vs. West Ham) - 13pts

GW23: Gylfi Sigurdsson (Swansea vs. Southampton) - 13pts

Gameweek Wildcard History

GW1: 25 points, 2 player returns

Fabianski (8), Townsend (2), Deulofeu (3), Friend (2), Tadic (2), Nolito (1), Callum Wilson (2), Lovren (0), Diego Costa (5)

GW2: 25 points, 1 player return

Targett (1), Kolarov (2), Lallana (2), Llorente (2), Vorm (7), Deeney (1), Rondon (2), Cazorla (3), Defoe (2), Kouyate (3)

GW3: 26 points, 2 player returns

Janssen (2), Terry (6), C. Benteke (2), Lukaku (2), Huth (4), Fonte (2), Holding (2), Abel Hernandez (2), Stuani (2), Otamendi (2)

GW4: 57 points, 5 player returns

Nolito (2), Mustafi (2), C. Wilson (6), Heaton (2), G. Ramirez (0), Bony (2), Antonio (13), Wijnaldum (5), Sigurdsson (8), Lukaku (17)

GW5: 37 points, 5 player returns

Oscar (2), Monreal (2), Huth (6), Bravo (6), Lanzini (7), Stekelenburg (-1), Rooney (1), Benteke (2), Tadic (6), Lloris (6)

GW6: 32 points, 2 player returns

Huth (-1), Bolasie (2), Matip (2), Hueng-Min Son (15), Chadli (1), Mandanda (1), Kolarov (1), Walcott (8), Lanzini (1), Deeney (2)

GW7: 46 points, 5 player returns

Christian Benteke (5), Karius (2), David Luiz (6), van Aanholt (7), Deeney (9), Downing (2), Rashford (2), Austin (2), Dele Alli (8), Iwobi (3)

GW8: 36 points, 4 player returns

Slimani (1), Sigurdsson (9), Callum Wilson (9), Nolito (6), Arnautovic (5), Danny Rose (0), Christian Benteke (-1), Deeney (2), Forster (2), Milner (3)

GW9: 35 points, 2 player returns

Dele Alli (2), Mustafi (5), Stekelenburg (1), Joe Allen (2), Huth (2), Sigurdsson (2), Reid (14), Matip (2), Austin (2), Moses (3)

GW10: 24 points, 2 player returns

Monreal (0), Smalling (0), Adama Traore (3), Alli (2), Deeney (2), Bravo (6), Christian Benteke (2), Bolasie (6), Redmond (2), Pieters (1)

GW11: 39 points, 3 player returns

Wilshere (2), Keane (1), Gundogan (3), Bony (2), Alonso (13), Kane (8), Fonte (1), Matip (2), Sigurdsson (5), Zieler (2)

GW12: 57 points, 6 player returns

Monreal (2), Zaha (6), Coleman (9), Karius (6), Martins Indi (2), van Aanholt (10), Musa (1), Kane (13), Alonso (6), Vokes (2)

GW13: 42 points, 5 player returns

Yaya Toure (2), Phillips (5), Simpson (4), Matip (6), Sigurdsson (10), Alonso (2), Deeney (2), Mustafi (1), Mata (2), Soares (8)

GW14: 55 points, 5 player returns

Pedro (1), Zaha (2), Eriksen (18), Glen Johnson (7), Anichebe (2), Phillips (9), Lanzini (2), Origi (6), Coleman (2), Valdes (6)

GW15: 45 points, 5 player returns

Deeney (2), Monreal (2), Ake (1), Benteke (6), Sigurdsson (13), David Silva (5), Alonso (6), Rose (1), Bertrand (0), Origi (9)

GW16: 41 points, 5 player returns

Slimani (1), Gabriel (1), Origi (11), Alonso (7), Randolph (8), Zaha (2), Iheanacho (0), Lloris (8), Arnautovic (-2), Phillips (5)

GW17: 42 points, 4 player returns

Alonso (6), Llorente (2), Glen Johnson (0), van Aanholt (15), Cresswell (7), Phillips (2), Boufal (1), Oxlade-Chamberlain (1), Lloris (2), Mignolet (6)

GW18: 44 points, 5 player returns

Deeney (8), Monreal (1), Andre Gray (7), Alonso (6), Slimani (2), Phil Jones (2), Carroll (8), David Silva (6), Mignolet (2), Jay Rodriguez (2)

GW19: 50 points, 5 player returns

Mirallas (6), Gray (17), Alonso (3), Ayew (2), Jones (0), Forster (1), Ake (8), Milner (3), Lloris (2), Giroud (8)

GW20: 63 points, 5 player returns

Valdes (0), Baines (15), David Silva (0), Klavan (1), Brunt (8), Carroll (1), Giroud (15), Townsend (1), Pieters (7), Alli (15)

GW21: 65 points, 6 player returns

Vertonghen (6), Gray (2), Stanislas (7), Grant (2), Sigurdsson (2), Deeney (1), Carroll (5), Alonso (21), Barkley (9), Milner (10)

GW22: 46 points, 5 player returns

Mignolet (1), Stanislas (2), Barkley (3), Carroll (13), Arnautovic (2), Dawson (6), Wimmer (0), Yoshida (6), Mustafi (7), David Luiz (6)

GW23: 39 points, 2 player returns

Ozil (2), Stanislas (2), Gray (2), Brunt (2), Lloris (0), Sigurdsson (13), Milner (4), De Bruyne (8), Phil Jones (1), Coleman (5)


To honour the exceptional diamonds in the rough, below is a a Hall of Fame highlighting last season's top performing wildcards, as well as the best individual points returners from this season.

2015/16: Top 5 Wildcards 1 - Troy Deeney (WAT) (P15) (77pts) 2 - Christian Fuchs (LEI) (P10) (48pts) 3 - Gylfi Sigurdsson (SWA) (P6) (43pts) 4 - Nicolas Otamendi (MCI) (P9) (39pts) 5 - Daniel Sturridge (LIV) (P5) (38pts)

FPL Wildcards: Our Best Individual Wildcard Points Returns

1 - Marcos Alonso (Chelsea): 21pts (GW21)

2 - Christian Eriksen (Spurs): 18pts (GW14)

3 - Romelu Lukaku (Everton): 17pts (GW4)

3 - Andre Gray (Burnley): 17pts (GW19)

5 - Hueng-Min Son (Spurs): 15pts (GW6)

5 - Patrick van Aanholt (Sunderland): 15pts (GW17)

5 - Leighton Baines (Everton) - 15pts (GW20)

5 - Dele Alli (Spurs) - 15pts (GW20)

5 - Olivier Giroud (Arsenal) - 15pts (GW20)

10 - Winston Reid (West Ham): 14pts (GW8)

11 - Michail Antonio (West Ham): 13pts (GW4)

11 - Harry Kane (Spurs): 13pts (GW12)

11 - Marcos Alonso (Chelsea): 13pts (GW11)

11 - Gylfi Sigurdsson (Swansea): 13pts (GW15)

11 - Andy Carroll (West Ham): 13pts (GW22)

11 - Gylfi Sigurdsson (Swansea): 13pts (GW23)

17 - Divock Origi (Liverpool): 11pts (GW16)

18 - Patrick van Aanholt (Sunderland): 10pts (GW12)

18 - Gylfi Sigurdsson (Swansea): 10pts (GW13)

18 - James Milner (Liverpool): 10pts (GW21)


Wildcards: Dann, Keane, Delaney, David Luiz, Kone, Sigurdsson, Wijnaldum, Silva, Jesus, Crouch

Non Wildcards: Jakupovic

Points achieved by Wildcards: 109pts

Points achieved by Non-Wildcards: 11pts


  • For each FPL Gameweek we select a wildcard player from each game.

  • We do not select a back-up player for the differentials we bank on – that’s the whole point, being a wildcard.

  • The selection percentage and player price is accurate with the posting of the article.

  • Our rundowns of player selections are representative of the Premier League’s TV fixture list.

FPL Gameweek 24 Wildcards

Our Chief Writer, @TheHypeTrainSam, is off on an adventure this week, leaving the mildly cold shores of Great Britain, for the freezing cold terrain of Europe’s most isolated country, Iceland. Attempting warm the recent chill in the Fantasy Premier League after a draining and depressing midweek Gameweek 23, I’ve been tasked with picking one lowly selected player from each game, and finding points where points aren’t usually found. Gameweek 23 was a humble occasion of small margins and agonising player returns from heavy hitters, and even those lower down the totem. The return of weekend football will probably be the last week of normality before the return of FA Cup ties, European football, the League Cup final, and lessened FPL Gameweek’s from GW26 to GW28.

GW24 Wildcards: Goalkeepers

How many have been chosen?: 1/10

We’ve made just one selection from the 10 wildcards in goal, and he wasn’t our first choice option in the match. When drawing a list up prior to Man United’s 0-0 home draw with Hull, defender Phil Jones was at the top of our list for Gameweek 24’s tie away at Leicester. As fate would have it Jones limped off against Hull after 55 minutes, but has since provided a positive spin on why he pulled up, citing a simple bruise as the cause for concern. When evaluating our final list, we took the measure to remove Jones as there is still the slightest of question marks hanging over Jones’s head. Man United can rotate their defenders at ease, with Eric Bailly and Chris Smalling waiting for any opportunities that come their way. So we might see Jones rested. Elsewhere, even though we favour United for a victory, there is a lot of rotatable options in midfield for the players that are applicable, so who out of anyone might benefit from United’s visit to the Champions?

Kasper Schmeichel (4.9 million, 5.5% ownership) might be busy on the day and will reap the rewards of potential save points. He’s a realistic FPL option owned by a sizeable chunk of ownership, and playing at home we don’t know what to expect from Leicester at home, and in our eyes is the only option we’d back between the two teams.

GW24 Wildcards: Defenders

How many have been chosen?: 4/10

Perhaps our strongest selections ahead of Gameweek 24, defenders are reliable and can gain points for doing absolutely nothing. In his usual articles @TheHypeTrainSam has had the added advantage of having Marcos Alonso as a long standing wildcard, before his 2 goal and clean sheet performance at Leicester ended his half a season stint as a differential. Four of our five picks are defenders, meaning we’ve an even balance of defence and attack.

David Luiz (6.2 million, 4.1% ownership) of Chelsea is the first name on the docket, playing Arsenal in the early kick off on Saturday. Scoring from a free kick at Anfield, David Luiz is our new Marcos Alonso. Chelsea at any given week can keep a clean sheet, and Luiz also offers an attacking element too, making him an enticing FPL option should you not currently have a Chelsea defender. Unless a random injury occurs, Luiz will almost certainly play and Chelsea in general have a settled side. Plus, revenge is on the cards after Chelsea were destroyed 3-0 at the Emirates earlier this season, the game that spurned Antonio Conte to change system to three at the back.

Next up is perhaps the pick of the week, for obvious reasons, Patrick van Aanholt (5.0 million, 4.3% ownership). Playing against his old club Sunderland, we’ve chosen to captain van Aanholt in this week’s differentials edition and you can read on that below. With Sunderland visiting Big Sam and PVA, we’re expecting a massive return to spite Sunderland what they’ve missed out on.

Lower down the budgetary docket, Southampton’s value option Jack Stephens (4.0 million, 0.4% ownership) has come to recent prominence due to the injury of Virgil van Dijk and the sale of Jose Fonte. Partnering Maya Yoshida, who too is a differential option, for us Stephens provide value over his club mate, and could easily sit as a temporary 5th defender for a few months. Game time looks assured, with Stephens given the nod away to Swansea in a 2-1 defeat at the Liberty Stadium, and at safer ground at St Mary’s against West Ham, there’s no reason to continue his emergence into the first team. What makes Stephens a wildcard is from an FPL point of view, we don’t know what to expect, and could turn out to be in and amongst the bonus points and goal scorers when Jose Fonte comes into town. For this particular tie it came down to Fonte and Southampton, but due to the home side only failing to score twice at home in a Calendar year (vs. Chelsea and Liverpool), we have more faith backing the horse at home.

Completing our back four of defensive differentials is Spurs defender Ben Davies (4.7 million, 0.2% ownership), who may use this period of the season to capitalise on recent injuries to Jan Verthongen and Danny Rose to force a temporary stint in the starting line-up. With Kevin Wimmer not impressing in Jan’s place, Davies has the luxury of being abel to play both on the left and in the middle, and was even favoured over Wimmer when Rose came off injured during the 0-0 draw at Sunderland. We don’t have high hopes for a regular start, but are backing Davies for this week ahead of Lloris, who was our last Spurs wildcard, and didn’t play due to illness.

GW24 Wildcards: Midfielders

How many have been chosen?: 4/10

The first attacking unit picked for our Wildcard 10 is Everton’s young central midfielder Tom Davies (4.4 million, 2.7% ownership) whose debut during Gameweek 4’s 3-0 away victory at Sunderland, has evolved steadily into a main starting birth in a Ronald Koeman team that is filled with youth, pace, power, and defensive organisation. Davies is anchored in central midfield, but has licence to roam forward and join Lukaku in the attack. We’ve seen more of the type of player in Davies, than we’ve come to expect of Ross Barkley, who dips in and out of the form. Davies though comes in at a low price, and is quickly becoming a solid option as a 5th midfielder in FPL squads. As the blank Gameweek’s approach we don’t think Davies will be a differential for much longer. Due to Mason Holgate being subbed at half time against Stoke, we chose Davies for his reliability for minutes.

Also playing in Saturday afternoon’s fixtures is Liverpool left-back and FPL midfielder, James Milner (6.4 million, 5.7% ownership), who has managed 2 assists, 1 goal, and 4 bonus points in the last game. A total of 20 points over 3 games has put Milner on the 100 point list, and only 14 points off Liverpool’s top performing FPL player, Roberto Firmino (114pts). Milner’s role doesn’t match his capability, often getting forward, and having the guile to take Liverpool’s penalty kicks. In this reverse fixture Milner scored 2 penalties and gained maximum bonus. Hull since that fixture have changed a large portion of their team, and their manager, so we expect this encounter to be closer. Hull are perhaps too much of a gamble to risk, knowing that the ever-reliable Milner is knocking on the door on a weekly basis in the Premier League.

One player who makes our list, ahead of the likes of Peter Crouch and Saido Berahino is West Brom’s Nacer Chadli (6.0 million, 1.3% ownership). The WBA midfielder’s injury earlier in the season cost him a large chunk of ownership and has fallen behind the rank of Matt Phillips as an FPL option. Chadli gets the nod as Stoke have the potential to score against West Brom, Rondon is massively indifferent from week to week due to the way that West Brom set up on a weekly basis, whilst Stoke options at a strong Baggies side aren’t favourable. Chadli’s got the added advantage of being on penalty kicks and could be an option to consider, not just for this week, but for weeks ahead when blank Gameweek’s come into effect.

Lastly, Man City entertain a Swansea side that have won three of their last four matches, including an inspired victory at Liverpool, which saw Fernando Llorente score twice, and wildcard supreme Gylfi Sigurdsson seal the victory. We’re overlooking Swansea options for this week however, as Leroy Sane (7.5 million, 0.3% ownership) has rocketed onto the FPL radar in recent weeks. Managing 13 points from his last two occasions, playing the full 90 minutes against Spurs and West Ham, with a goal and an assist, Sane’s attacking potential with Jesus, Sterling, KDB, and Aguero, is finally being realised. Man City can occasionally score four or more for any Gameweek, and we’re expecting Sane to contribute with a few open play returns.

GW24 Wildcards: Forwards

How many have been chosen?: 1/10

As a lone presence this week, the sole differential Forward we’ve backed is wildcard king and Watford talisman, Troy Deeney (6.6 million, 3.6% ownership). Deeney has managed back to back goals for the second time this season with goals against Bournemouth (GW22) and Arsenal (GW23), with the Hornets working on adding additional firepower to their squad. Tempted to go down the route of M'Baye Niang (6.0 million, 0.0% ownership), the new forward looks to be a rotational option up top, but we picked Deeney again for his reliability to play more minutes, and in a refreshed Watford side, it looks like Deeney is being fed more chances to score. Standing in their way is a resolute Burnley side, but a Clarets side travelling on the road. Burnley can occasionally find their mojo on the road, with the 0-0 at Man United evidence of this, but Watford is a home where clean sheets for both sides are at a premium, with only 11 clean sheets between Watford and their opponents in matches this season.

If in doubt, trust in Deeney. Often (and rightfully at times) overlooked, Deeney is aiming to score in a trifecta of matches for the first time this season, and we’re backing him to do this for the first home game since Graham Taylor’s funeral.

FPL Gameweek 24 Wildcards

CHE/ARS – David Luiz (6.2 million, 4.1% ownership)

CRY/SUN – Patrick van Aanholt (5.0 million, 4.3% ownership)

EVE/BOU – Tom Davies (4.4 million, 2.7% ownership)

HUL/LIV – James Milner (6.4 million, 5.7% ownership)

SOU/WHU – Jack Stephens (4.0 million, 0.4% ownership)

WAT/BUR – Troy Deeney (6.6 million, 3.6% ownership)

WBA/STK – Nacer Chadli (6.0 million, 1.3% ownership)

TOT/MID – Ben Davies (4.7 million, 0.2% ownership)

MCI/SWA – Leroy Sane (7.5 million, 0.3% ownership)

LEI/MUN – Kasper Schmeichel (4.9 million, 5.5% ownership)

Wildcard Captain: Patrick van Aanholt (Crystal Palace)

The January transfer window has slammed shut, and we’re already faced with immediate returns. Saido Berahino is set to take on old club Stoke (if he gets a chance to lace up the boots), whilst Crystal Palace play Sunderland in what will be the first encounter for Big Sam against his old club. Sunderland let the former England manager go to pursue an international football career, but after just 24 Gameweek’s of the 2016/17, the northern side travel down south to a new team controlled by their former manager. Not just that, Sunderland had Patrick van Aanholt ripped from their clutches by Palace’s endeavour in the transfer market.

The left back is known for bombing forward and getting into the box at any given moment, which has led to 3 Premier League goals for Sunderland. All three of PVA’s goals have come at home, and in the Premier League there is a vast history of players turning up to prove a point against their old sides, so why not for PVA? He’s already got one clean sheet for Palace during their 2-0 away victory at Bournemouth, and another against Sunderland will match the 2 he managed from the first 22 Gameweek’s with David Moyes.

Moyes has struggled to attract anything other than the Everton class of 2009 with the additions of Gibson and Oviedo, PVA’s direct replacement at left back. Palace on the other hand have added Liverpool’s forgotten beast Mamadou Sakho to the mix. Built on solid foundations, PVA is an attractive prospect for the Gameweek’s ahead, and in terms of a Captaincy option, his inclusion outshines that of our other nine additions to our GW24 differentials, posing both a defensive and attacking element.

Sunderland could be haunted by their second highest scorer, a left-back, who they let go to a relegation rival.

Notes on Patrick van Aanholt

PVA has a total of 65 points, with 3 clean sheets, 3 goals, and 1 assist so far this season.

PVA left Sunderland for Crystal Palace after the Black Cats lost 2-0 to West Brom for Gameweek 22.

PVA managed a clean sheet in his first appearance for Palace, playing the full 90 minutes and managing 6 FPL points on his Palace debut.

PVA is the 26th highest ranked defender in the FPL so far with 65 points. He’s the same number of points as Stoke’s Erik Pieters and Bruno Martins Indi.

On 2 occasions this season PVA has managed a goal or assist, as well as a clean sheet. PVA assisted and kept a clean sheet against Hull during GW13 and he also scored in a 1-0 victory over Watford during GW17.

In the reverse fixture against Palace, whilst playing for Sunderland, Crystal Palace beat Sunderland 3-2 at the Stadium of Light. PVA managed 1 point that game, completing the full 90 minutes.

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