The Hype Train launches its official YouTube channel with Adam Zoltie!

The Hype Train continues to add to its vast range of content with the arrival of presenter, Adam Zoltie, who has partnered with us to create exclusive content for our brand new YouTube channel. This is a little introduction to our plans for the future with Adam on board, and about the man himself. All aboard.

Adam Zoltie has boarded The Hype Train!

We're delighted to have Adam as part of the team at Hype Train HQ. Adam is a brilliant presenter who has credits working for the BBC, Sky Sports, and Pinewood Studios. Adam is an avid sports fan, aAdam is an avid sports fan, was the voice of Vanarama National League side Boreham Wood FC for a number of seasons and has interviewed some of the biggest names in sport including the likes of Robbie Fowler, Peter Schmeichel and Darren Clarke.

Adam is an impassioned wrestling fan and will be providing us with the latest from the world of WWE and beyond. We'll be providing the latest WWE news and weekly reviews on our YouTube channel to work alongside a reinvigorated @THTwrestling account.

You can find Adam on his Twitter account @AdamZoltie, and you can also check out his personal website to find out more about our newest team members.

Here's what The Hype Train's primary owner, @HypeTrainRob, has had to say on Adam's role at The Hype Train's wrestling carriage:

The team here couldn't be happier that Adam has reached out to us with a unique vision for expanding The Hype Train's already broad range of available content. Adam is as every bit genuine as he says on his website's biography, and he's already proving to be a valuable addition to the team.

We have always wanted to expand into making regular videos, and with Adam at our side, the timing is perfect to capitalise on his passion to talk all things professional wrestling. We truly believe that Adam's mix of presenting skills, and our graphical presentation, will be a hit, and there's nothing more that we'd like than if you were to show support and give our YouTube channel a quick subscribe.

The Hype Team (Phil, Sam, and myself) will also be contributing to the channel in the near future, with our aim to break in to video creation for FPL, MLS Fantasy, NFL, and all things sport related.

You can watch our introductory video, feature Adam, below now, and if you'd like to follow in Adam's footsteps and join us at The Hype Train in creating beautifully pieced feature articles of videos, then you can read more by reading more on our Contributor page.

You can subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking here, or by interacting with our introductory video below. We hope you join us for the journey.

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All aboard.





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