Hype Train FC Award: Callum Parr-Jones wins Berks & Bucks FA Goal of the Season Award for 2019/20

August 8, 2020

First Class Podcast Short: We discuss Liverpool finally winning the Premier League trophy!

July 31, 2020

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The Hype Train: A First Class Podcast (Episode 1) - Covid-19, Hype Train FC's Season Ending, WrestleMania 36

March 28, 2020


It's a new decade and The Hype Train continue to expand its range of content, with the team adding a podcast to its ranks. Hosted by and conductor and chief, Robert Austin, he is joined alongside literal and figurative family in Sam Austin and Phil Jones as the trio cover all things sport and football in a regular series that aims to tackle current events on and off the field. All aboard.


The Hype Train's First Class Podcast (Episode 1)

"On the first edition of our First Class podcast, The Hype Team (Robert Austin, Sam Austin and Phil Jones) discuss the worldwide pandemic's impact on sport, the difficulties that mother nature presented to Hype Train FC this season, and the WWE's failure to cancel WrestleMania."


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