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Premier League 2020/21: FPL Gameweek 35 Fantasy Forecast

Ahead of each Gameweek in the Premier League, The Hype Train's team, Robert Austin, Sam Austin and Phil Jones, duel for FPL and league supremacy in predicting Premier League scores, as well as going head to head in picking a Scout Picks squad for each round of games. With the 2020/21 Premier League season starting tomorrow, we provide our Gameweek Forecast predictions, speculating how we think the latest round of games will be played out. Welcome to the Forecast. All aboard.

Premier League 2020/21: Gameweek 35 Fixtures

Premier League 2020/21: FPL Gameweek 35 Forecast

Enjoy our FPL Forecast article, with each of our team forecasting how we think the Premier League will shape up this upcoming Gameweek. If you agree or want to challenge us on our point of view, get in touch with us on our main Twitter account, @RealHypeTrain.

Fixture Predictions: Gameweek 35

Leicester 3-0 Newcastle

Leeds 1-1 Spurs

Sheffield United 0-0 Crystal Palace

Man City 1-1 Chelsea

Liverpool 1-0 Southampton

Wolves 2-1 Brighton

Aston Villa 1-2 Man United

West Ham 2-0 Everton

Arsenal 1-2 West Brom

Fulham 0-2 Burnley

Southampton 2-0 Crystal Palace

Man United 2-1 Leicester

Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal

Aston Villa 2-1 Everton

Man United 1-1 Liverpool

FPL Forecasting: Gameweek 35

Double Gameweek Teams (9):

Arsenal: West Brom (H), Chelsea (A)

Aston Villa: Man United (H), Everton (H)

Chelsea: Man City (A), Arsenal (H)

Crystal Palace: Sheffield United (H), Southampton (A)

Everton: West Ham (A), Aston Villa (A)

Leicester: Newcastle (H), Man United (A)

Man United: Aston Villa (A), Leicester (H), Liverpool (H)

Southampton: Liverpool (A), Crystal Palace (H)

Liverpool: Southampton (H), Manchester United (A)

Top FPL player targets ahead of the upcoming Gameweek:

GK: Edouard Mendy (CHE, GK, £5.2mil, 10.5% ownership)

DEF: Trent Alexander Arnold (LIV, DEF, £7.6mil, 21.2% ownership)

MID: Mason Greenwood (MUN, MID, £7.2mil, 8.0% ownership)

FWD: Edison Cavani (MUN, FWD, £7.9mil, 5.8% ownership)

Who are the teams to look out for and avoid?:

Manchester United (Watch): They are the only team in the Double Gameweek that has three fixtures. And quite honestly, they are all winnable. The problem I have is that with two of the games at home, there is a good chance that further protests could disrupt other games. I have a feeling that the protestors aren’t going to stop with just one game, the solidarity behind their fans won’t let them just settle for postponing the game and stealing the corner flags. The second huge asterisk is the fact that they are going to rotate like crazy with a game every two days. Sunday-Tuesday-Thursday is a schedule that screams: most players wont play three games. Winnable fixtures, yes, but will the players you pick up still be in a Double Gameweek with two games? Yes.

Everton (Avoid): The Toffees are in the Double Gameweek, and face two tough away games against West Ham and Villa. I can’t see them winning either of these games. West Ham are on fire and are seriously pushing for a European place for next season. Aston Villa also aren’t pushovers, making this a dubious Gameweek to believe in Everton. If it was any other than Everton with these fixtures, I would be rushing to have three players in my FPL team as a priority.

Arsenal (Avoid): I have no words. Every time I think Arsenal are going to define the depths they are sinking; they keep diving deeper. After being dumped out of the Europa League on Thursday, the Gunners set their record for most games at home without scoring a goal. They don’t look like producing any goals, and it is probably a good guess that Arteta is perilously close to being sacked as manager. Anyone can beat Arsenal, and with an away game against Chelsea being their headline game, lets be real, it will be a miracle if they score against a revitalised Chelsea.

Liverpool (Watch): I am playing devils advocate right now, and because Liverpool is in the Double Gameweek they might be an option, and they could take advantage of the fact Manchester United are in a fixture nightmare this coming Gameweek. Liverpool has a home game they should win, and they could take advantage in the second, so there is a chance they might perform. Jürgen isn’t also a fan of massive rotation, so a lot of players will play both games, and like me, will see an opportunity that you can’t waste with needless rotation.

Gameweek 35 – FPL Differential Picks:

LEI/NEW: Timothy Castagne (LEI, DEF, £5.8mil, 7.5% ownership)

LEE/TOT: Gareth Bale (TOT, MID, £9.1mil, 3.6% ownership)

SHU/CRY: Vincente Guaita (CRY, GK, £4.8mil, 3.6% ownership)

MCI/CHE: Aymeric Laporte (MCI, DEF, £6.0mil, 2.3% ownership)

LIV/SOU: Sadio Mane (LIV, MID, £11.7mil, 5.2% ownership)

WOL/BHA: Adama Traoré (WOL, MID, £6.1mil, 5.7% ownership)

AVL/MUN: Edison Cavani (MUN, FWD, £7.9mil, 5.8% ownership)

WHU/EVE: Michail Antonio (WHU, FWD, £6.4mil, 5.0% ownership)

ARS/WBA: Matheus Pereira (WBA, MID, £5.5mil, 5.7% ownership)

FUL/BUR: Chris Wood (BUR, FWD, £6.4mil, 3.2% ownership)

SOU/CRY: Vincente Guaita (CRY, GK, £4.8mil, 3.6% ownership)

MUN/LEI: Edison Cavani (MUN, FWD, £7.9mil, 5.8% ownership)

CHE/ARS: Kai Havertz (CHE, MID, £8.3mil, 3.9% ownership)

AVL/EVE: Bertrand Traoré (AVL, MID, £5.8mil, 0.7% ownership)

MUN/LIV: Edison Cavani (MUN, FWD, £7.9mil, 5.8% ownership)

Differential Captain: Edison Cavani (Manchester United)

When a goal scoring striker of a team playing three times in a single Gameweek is a available, he is a must have, especially when he is an under the radar differential. Most people are going to go for Shaw, Bruno, Greenwood, and then Cavani. Some people may look at Dean Henderson who has been the league goalkeeper for some time now. I don’t think Cavani will play all three games, but there is a chance he might as he has been a reliable figure to score goals, and they are looking at cementing second place in the league table. There are lots of good choices this week, but when a player has three bites of the cherry from a club in the top four…the choice is default.

FPL Scout Picks: Gameweek 35

Formation: 3-4-3

Starting 11

GK: Edouard Mendy (CHE)

DEF: Andrew Robertson (LIV)

DEF: Luke Shaw (MUN)

DEF: Trent Alexander-Arnold (LIV)

MID: Kai Havertz (CHE)

MID: Mohamad Salah (LIV)

MID: Bruno Fernandes (MUN) - (C)

MID: Gareth Bale (TOT)

FOR: Timo Werner (CHE)

FOR: Edison Cavani (MUN) - (VC)

FOR: Kelechi Iheanacho (LEI


GK: Vincente Guaita (CRY)

MID: Wilfried Zaha (CRY)

DEF: Timothy Castagne (LEI)

DEF: Lucas Digne (EVE)

Fixture Predictions: Gameweek 35

Leicester 3-0 Newcastle

Leeds 2-1 Spurs

Sheffield United 1-1 Crystal Palace

Man City 1-0 Chelsea

Liverpool 3-0 Southampton

Wolves 0-0 Brighton

Aston Villa 2-1 Man United

West Ham 1-1 Everton

Arsenal 2-0 West Brom

Fulham 1-2 Burnley

Southampton 2-1 Crystal Palace

Man United 2-2 Leicester

Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal

Aston Villa 1-2 Everton

Man United 0-2 Liverpool

FPL Forecasting: Gameweek 35

Double Gameweek Teams (8):

Arsenal: West Brom (H), Chelsea (A)

Aston Villa: Man United (H), Everton (H)

Chelsea: Man City (A), Arsenal (H)

Crystal Palace: Sheffield United (H), Southampton (A)

Everton: West Ham (A), Aston Villa (A)

Leicester: Newcastle (H), Man United (A)

Southampton: Liverpool (A), Crystal Palace (H)

Liverpool: Southampton (H), Man United (A)

Triple Gameweek Teams (1):

Man United: Aston Villa (A), Leicester (H), Liverpool (H)

Gameweek 36 Implications:

The FA Cup final between Chelsea and Leicester is being played during GW36 meaning there is a blank for 4 teams – Arsenal, Chelsea, Leicester and Man United. All 4 of these teams are involved in Double Gameweek 35.

The other half of the DGW35 fixture list have some good fixtures to lean on:

Crystal Palace vs. Aston Villa

Everton vs. Sheffield United

Southampton vs. Fulham

West Brom vs. Liverpool

Top FPL player targets ahead of the upcoming Gameweek:

Goalkeepers: Pickford (EVE), Guaita (CRY), Mendy (MCI)

Defenders: Alexander-Arnold (LIV), Castagne (LEI), Shaw (MUN)

Midfielders: Jota (LIV), Fernandes (MUN), Salah (LIV), Eze (CRY), Zaha (CRY)

Forwards: Vardy (LEI), Iheanacho (LEI), Calvert-Lewin (EVE)

Who are the teams to look out for and avoid?:

Man United (Avoid): Everyone in the ‘FPL Community / Customer Base’ have been trying to get their analytics up and are losing their bacon over a Triple Gameweek. It’s not a TGW, not even close. OGS has already stated that he is going to have to field weakened teams and rotate a lot. This is completely natural when your team has 3 games in 6 days. I doubt any player plays three times. Sure, they might be good as DGW option but don’t even kid yourselves about it being a ‘Triple’ up – it’s merely an illusion and will only let you down if you buy into the supposed hype of a Bruno Fernandes captaincy.

Liverpool (Watch): On the flipside of the coin, I’m not sure I remember the last time Liverpool played. If Klopp hasn’t had time to reset and be fresh ahead of winnable games against Southampton and Man United, then every FPL player should be a little vexed if the likes of TAA, Jota and Salah don’t make the most of a Double Gameweek when they have to win every game to be in the conversation for a Champions League place.

Arsenal (Avoid): The club is an embarrassment right now, hitting a huge low. The AFTV boys have all lost their marbles, Mikel Arteta looks like he will be lucky to keep his job and the ownership protests are only getting more heated. All of this has spilt over onto the pitch and the club are playing negative, lifeless football. I’m avoiding at all costs.

Chelsea (Mixed): They’ve got a couple of hard fixtures on paper and the threat of rotation means only Edouard Mendy really sticks out as a good option, but then again they play away at Man City so it’s probably a dead starter.

Leicester (Watch): I fancy Brendan Rodgers’ team to win both games to ensure Champions League football next season. The game against Newcastle tonight should be a complete walkover. Kelechi and Vardy should both be good for points this week in particular.

Crystal Palace & Everton (Watch): These clubs share the same point. They’ve got half-decent Double Gameweek fixtures and then a good game in a reduced Gameweek 36. The likes of Calvert-Lewin and Wilf Zaha are worth a punt for the next few weeks.

Gameweek 35 - FPL Captaincy Picks:

Essential: Mohamed Salah (LIV)

Alternative: Kelechi Iheanacho (LEI)

Differential: Dominic Calvert-Lewin (EVE)

Other Gameweek Comments:

On the Double Gameweek:

My strategy for the week is simple – hold strong and don’t wildcard. It’s not the time. Fixtures are all over the place. Rotation is rife. Fan protests are getting games cancelled. Gameweek 36’s reduced schedule is the main reason I’m holding strong as any wildcard team would screw me over next week anyway, so it’s not worth it.

I’ve also got my Triple Captain and Bench Boost chips available. Mohamed Salah might get the triple-up as there are no other options to consider. Bruno is a hard no, Kelechi is a wobbly pick.

On the social media blackout last weekend:

The team here at The Hype Train and our football team, Hype Train FC, participated. Did it make one bit of difference? No. The victory is the fact that a large group were silent and it means that football can mobilise in a more constructive way moving forward in the battle to fight discrimination. I see bullying everyday and it’s too easy to go about your business without any ramifications for your actions.

On toxicity in the FPL Community:

When you allow monetary interests to take control of the chosen topic of interest, and have a larger scope of people clambering for views and analytics on social media, the evil in any community appears. I’m quite embarrassed to be part of the ‘community’ at times, as I’m not even sure it is one anymore… It’s hilarious to me given that a lot of people participated in the social media blackout, then went online to harass other people. That said, toxicity has been a staple for years now, that’s when happens when accounts cover their faces and hide their identities behind poorly-named monikers and usernames. FPL Twitter won’t evolve and move beyond these petty dramas until there is accountability, much like what the Premier League is supposedly fighting for.

On the fantasy football fest in London this August:

The idea is good, but the execution has been atrocious. The idea of a ‘deadline celebration’ is among the most cringe things I have ever seen. Also, there seems to be a lack of actual content and looks like a networking event more than anything else to solidify future business interests by those organising the event. It’s fair enough to say that I will not be attending, but good luck to all those involved and I hope that they learn from the first event so it can be a success when normality is restored.

On the decaying state of the Premier League season:

If the Premier League was The Walking Dead, we’re the group in season five whilst Rick and his group are endlessly travelling the road looking for shelter and safety after killing off the cannibals at Terminus. I’m tired, looking for the end in sight, dreary and becoming weaker by the day. The postponement of the Man United and Liverpool game was the latest nail in the coffin – Covid postponements, the Super League proposal, VAR, the general lack of excitement in the league, hundreds of lifeless games – on top of the recent messes, have just made me completely dead inside to the point where I have virtually stopped watching most games and feel like the zombies chasing brains, rather than the people still chasing a higher rank in FPL. This season is a write off and if anyone wants to take their rank seriously with me, I’ll just laugh them off.

On the Champions League final:

Man City vs. Chelsea is my actual nightmare final. I can’t and won’t support it. If an asteroid could wipe out planet earth between now and then that would be preferable to having to life in the wake of the final, regardless of the winner.

FPL Scout Picks: Gameweek 35

Formation: 3-4-3

Starting 11

GK: Jordan Pickford (EVE)

DEF: Timothy Castagne (LEI)

DEF: Luke Shaw (MUN)

DEF: Trent Alexander-Arnold (LIV)

MID: Bruno Fernandes (MUN)

MID: Mohamed Salah (LIV) – (Triple Captain)

MID: Wilfried Zaha (CRY)

MID: Diogo Jota (LIV)

FOR: Kelechi Iheanacho (LEI) – (VC)

FOR: Dominic Calvert-Lewin (EVE)

FOR: Jamie Vardy (LEI)


GK: Vicente Guaita (CRY)

MID: James Ward-Prowse (SOU)

DEF: Lucas Digne (EVE)

DEF: Joel Ward (CRY)

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