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Reading Sunday Social League: Unveiling the RSSL Trophy by Awards FC!

Welcome aboard the home of The Hype Train and its very own grassroots football team, Hype Train Football Club. In April 2021 we announced the formation of a new grassroots football competition in the Reading area - the Reading Sunday Social League - an 8-team mini-league co-created by Hype Train FC and Caversham United that was played out between April 11th 2021 and the final on June 20th 2021 between Woodley Saints FC and Hype Train FC. Here, you can view the gallery of images unveiling the RSSL trophy and you can read more about how the trophy came to be. All aboard.

Creating the Reading Sunday Social League (RSSL) Trophy:

Thoughts by Hype Train FC Player-Manager, Robert Austin

"The RSSL is now in the record books with a successful maiden season in 2021, with Woodley Saints beating my own team, Hype Train FC, to lift the beautiful trophy that was designed by team at Awards FC.

When I designed the RSSL league logo the first people I contacted was the team at Awards to see if they could create a bespoke trophy for the competition. Awards are a fantastic company that offer bespoke awards and trophies for your club and since we found them we haven't looked anywhere else for our awards.

Little did we know, but their team had been working on a new concept trophy to go alongside their circular 'Shield' trophy. I was sent a concept of an octagonal plate and that formed the basis of the league's design and the eventual trophy that arrived in time for the final on June 20th 2021.

The trophy itself is an octagonal shape and 23 inches in diameter in each of its corners and weighs 4kg, meaning it is a weighted, huge trophy. There is a central plate for the custom RSSL champions league logo, reflective mirror panels that create a brilliant effect against grass in particular, and a golden trim that adds to the regal look of the award.

Andrew Spiers of Lens Digital, the RSSL's main sponsor, called the RSSL a 'unique league put together in unique circumstances' and called the trophy a 'work of art that reflected the spirit and great organisation of the league'. The finished product is like no other in grassroots football and a true intent of our ambition with this league structure moving forward into future events.

It's been a pleasure working alongside the dedicated team at Awards in helping bring my vision for the league to life. Personally, I'm blown away with the feedback we have received about just how good the trophy looks - it's been a highlight to make this league happen, with every aspect of the RSSL coming through at such a high level.

Below you can view a gallery of images that showcases the main shield, the runners-up award, the medals and pictures from the final itself."

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Twitter: @Awards_FC

View the gallery of the RSSL trophy, medals and runners-up awards:

Who supported the Reading Sunday Social League (RSSL)?:

Forming a football league overnight is no mean feat and it takes dedicated individuals to organise. Here at The Hype Train we have been at ground level organising by creating the league's official logo and all of its affiliated graphics, handbooks, trophy design, and will be providing regular updates and exclusives here at as the league kicks on. Meanwhile, Caversham United have worked hard to organise the competing teams, sponsors, and fixtures ahead of an April 11th start.

We will be joined by the team at Football in Berkshire in providing weekly round-ups, unique coverage and news surrounding the league. The Football in Berkshire website reaches 15,000 monthly readers and provides excellent content from semi-pro to Sunday league competitions.

Sponsoring the tournament, and making our lofty aspirations of the league come true, are the brilliant team at Lens Digital. The team at we.are.lens are a web design agency based in Ascot, Berkshire specialising in user friendly, responsive custom website design/build, WordPress maintenance, support and SEO. If you're looking for a new website, check out the team today at - they're also big advocates for local and grassroots football and currently sponsor Codicote FC of the Spartan South Midlands League.

Last but not least, we have been working closely with the team at Awards FC to create a beautiful and bespoke trophy for the competition. The team at Awards specialise in creating bespoke trophies, medals and awards that perfectly tailor your club.

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