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Are you an aspiring sports journalist with a passion for writing, graphic design, or social media? We here at The Hype Train are always on the look out for impassioned people to become part of our team.

Since our inception in March 2015 our team have heavily focused on writing about Fantasy sports such as Fantasy Premier League (FPL) and more recently with MLS Fantasy. In addition to our sports coverage, we covered professional wrestling reviews from WWE on YouTube with Adam Zoltie, and in written articles. In 2019 we launched Hype Train Football Club, a highly social team with a fully functional site and YouTube channel.

We're looking for people who are interested in Fantasy sports as well as writing generalist football articles from any league across the world. We would like to expand further with an array of Fantasy based games, and are interested in people who would like to take ownership of their own carriage aboard The Hype Train. If you are more interested in media reviews, the above also applies.

If you are interested in speaking with the team more in detail about any potential interest, we have left a message box at the bottom of this page, or you can email Robert Austin on, and we will get back to you.


Unfortunately we cannot offer financial payment for your contribution to the site or on social media, rather we are a like-minded group placing quality ahead of everything else, creating a rich portfolio of high quality content. We embrace feature length articles, as well as snappy review pieces that capture the major talking points from any sporting event or review. 


We're an accessible team who can provide quality editorial and graphic design skills to advance your portfolio of work. We will provide custom graphics for any article, and if you wish to undertake a regular series of articles on the site we can work closely with you to create the perfect branding. This would be advantageous to someone new to sports journalism who needs a little bit of guidance as they sculpt a worthy portfolio of work.


 In the realm of Fantasy sports we engage regularly with a vastly growing community across social media, and in FPL we collaborate on a weekly basis to create a Fantasy Forecast which previews an upcoming round of fixtures. We receive positive feedback regarding the quality of graphics we produce in articles and for social media, and we can help get your work seen by its target audience.

All aboard.


If you'd like to get in contact in relation to becoming a Contributor, please leave an introductory and we will get back to you.

We do not run an email subscription service, and if you receive any email that is not directly from, please mark it as spam and delete the email.

Thanks! Message sent.

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