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Gameweek One Preview: Graphical Aid

We're three days away from the beginning of a beautiful journey. The Fantasy Premier League returns, adding feul and purpose to matches that might otherwise be overlooked. With the return of England's best 20 teams, the Hype Train runs down the first weekend with what it's best at: graphics.

Each and every week on our Weekly Hype page we look at the next FPL GW. Starting with the opening weekend, we provide our pro 'Scout Picks', whilst we run down the best options in every position. We'll also be doing a weekly article about the reason for our picks, so stay tuned for that before Saturday.

So here's what's on the Weekly Hype for the first weekend of the season.

Now it's time to digest the players we have personally picked for a good Gameweek One. Each week, we'll be updating our scores.

The Hype Team is a special team that is comprised of the most selected players in the FPL. We've had to make a few sacrifices, but this team is weighted evenly. More soon.

There is still time to join our FPL league for the season. If we're able to find a sponsor for the league, we'll happily offer a prize for the top places in the league, and make a wooden spoon for him or her who finishes dead last.

Until next time, keep checking out our Twitter account where we'll be helping with final minute FPL decisions leading into week one.

All aboard.


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