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Gameweek Three Preview: Graphical Aid

In many ways, Gameweek Two was identical to Gameweek One. Liverpool and Man United both won 1-0. Man City dominated in another 3-0 victory, with Kompany scoring from a David Silva corner. Dimitri Payet and Andre Ayew scored for the second matches running. Jefferson Montero caused chaos for another right back. Albrighton and Mahrez continue racking up the points in a free-flowing Leicester side. Southampton and Newcastle continued to struggle after an opening day draw. Leading into FPL Gameweek 3, are we going to see more of the same, or will the early season 'Hype' players have a wrench thrown into the mix? Here's the Hype Train with its weekly Graphical Aid, hoping to help answer such questions.

Each and every week on our Weekly Hype page we look at the next FPL GW. Starting with the opening weekend, we provide our pro 'Scout Picks', whilst we run down the best options in every position. Being the second week, we've included the players who have boarded the actual 'Hype Train' - the hype players.

So here's what's on the Weekly Hype for the third straight weekend of the season, with players hoping for a breakout week following two weeks below par.

Newcastle asistant Paul Simpson has revealed that they may throw Thauvin in at the deep end, and start the new French arrival away at Old Trafford. Thauvin has yet to be priced in the FPL.

Once again we'll be back with our Scout Pick Insider article on Friday (tomorrow) with our insight for the weekk. Until then, we won't starve you of our graphical picks.

The Hype Team has been forced into two transfers this week. Sterling and Azpilicueta have made way for Kompany and Cazorla. More toto follow on the 5-3-2 formation.

The transfer deadline for this week has returned to normal - Saturday 22nd August at 11.45am (UK time). We've got another three day weekend of BPL action, starting at Old Trafford, and ending at the Emirates on Monday night. We'll be covering Saturday's action live on our Twitter account - @RealHypeTrain - with live FPL score charts and updates from the league.

Until then, muse over our Weekly Hype page, and think wisely about the right time to play your wildcards. Sooner or later, Hazard will hit form (yes it bares repeating from last week).

All aboard.


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