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Gameweek Twelve Preview: Graphical Aid

The Premier League is just one more weekend away from vanishing for a while due to international football. These fixtures play such a big part of the FPL due to the risk of injury, fatigue, and general mass changes to fantasy sides, all which will mean the wider FPL Community will be in for another two weeks of holding our collective breath. With our latest Graphical Aid, we provide a visual guide aimed at the players who could perform well in GW12, with an eye to the future, past the last BPL break before Christmas.

What are we expecting to happen this weekend?

West Ham to lose at home to Everton (it always happens).

Jamie Vardy to score, again.

Newcastle and Bournemouth to draw (because that always seems to happen when relegation sides meet).

Liverpool to lift the Brendan Rodgers curse, and beat Palace.

Man United for a 4th straight clean sheet?

Arsenal to beat Spurs, without conceding.

Chelsea to lose.

Man City to beat a doomed Villa comfortably.

Pelle and Mane to run rampant against Sunderland.

Norwich have looked half decent this season, at times. They look like they're going to push Swansea all the way. Andre Ayew will probably score a header. Gomis to make a goal scoring comeback.

Who is aboard the Hype Train?

Two arrivals from Gameweek 11 have jumped aboard the hype. One for Arsenal, one for United. Mesut Ozil joins after three impressive points returns, whilst Chris Smalling gets a late call up to the Hype after a third clean sheet in a row. Departing is fellow United defender Matteo Darmian, who ends his stay on the Hype after being aboard since the first Gameweek of the season. The Italian international is suspended for United's home game to West Brom, and is one player FPL players are removing. Price drops are certain for Darmian.

The transfer deadline remains normal before the third international break of the season - Saturday 7th November at 11.45am (UK time). Due to the international friendlies the Premier League is back to a two day format, beginning with Newcastle travelling to fellow strugglers Bournemouth, and ending with Jurgen Klopp gonig head to head with Alan Pardew at Crystal Palace. The Hype Team will be around this weekend to provide live FPL coverage throughout the weekend over on our Twitter account - @RealHypeTrain - with live FPL score charts and updates from the Premier League.

Until then, muse over our Weekly Hype page, and we wish your teams the best for the upcoming GW12

All aboard.


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