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Europe's FPL Elite: Portugal

The FPL is the most played fantasy football game in England, but outside of our beloved English clubs, and the weekly scramble for weekly fantasy points on the board, it can be hard to engage with the success of football in Europe. Just for fun, The Hype Train is embarking on a journey to root out the best Fantasy players from outside of The Barclays Premier League with a series of Graphical Aids. Our first venture into another realm of fantasy takes us to the neighbours of Spain, the otherwise isolated nation of Portugal, and its top division. Liga NOS.

Primeira Liga / Liga NOS

Portugal has long been dominated by three teams. Benfica, Sporting Lisbon, and Porto. The 18 team division is majorly underrated every season, with its biggest exposure coming from the FIFA video game franchise. Current La Liga stars James Rodriguez and Jackson Martinez were recently in the division, whilst it currently boasts a Spanish legend. Eleven years ago the division was stripped of its talent by Jose Mourinho as he embarked on his first reign with Chelsea.

By no means are we providing a definitive list of every Liga NOS player, but we've pinpointed a few select players from the big three, and a few from the outside challengers, that are currently making the difference in the league.

FPL: Gameweek 15

In the coming days we'll be rolling out our content for the FPL's 15th week. Check out our Weekly Hype page for all things FPL in the 2015/16 season. We've an archive of all our Weekly Wildcards and Graphical Aids. We've also currently got 2 articles for this weekend posted on our Express Hype, shorter articles that tackle the Gameweek, to view. We highlight Norwich's good record over Watford, and the 'injury crisis's over at Arsenal.

All aboard.


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