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Weekly Wildcards: Gameweek Sixteen

Every week The Hype Train analyses the best wildcard options for your Fantasy Premier League teams. Historically weekly dream team’s comprise of mostly wildcard players whose selection falls under 5% of overall players, to which there is no doubt that their influence cannot be ignored. With such an abundance of points coming from the FPL’s hidden gems The Hype Train selects one player from each match in the upcoming gameweek to decide who could be the differential for your teams.


What a contrast to last week the wildcard predictions were, the only stable force has been Troy Deeney who scored a second consecutive eleven points to claim the crown of all wildcards. Him and Ighalo in Watford’s attack is one of the biggest FPL potentials from two strikers in the same team since Suarez and Sturridge a few years ago, not that extreme, but the signs are there that this is a season long partnership. Aside from King Deeney there were no-shows, surprises disappointments, and all round doom and gloom for all of the other picks. From West Ham not beating Manchester United with the help of Mauro Zarate, Bournemouth dominating Chelsea, Southampton losing again, and Bolasie not continuing his great streak into the game against Everton it was one of those weeks where the FPL managers across the lands who were left scratching their heads in disbelief.

This might be one of the worst performances The Hype Train’s wildcards are, but nobody in the team minds because we know the risks. Wildcards are meant to be definition leave the door open to failure, and were it not for our new king we would have been left in the dirt face down.

Gameweek 15 Average Points: 51pts Gameweek 15 Wildcard Points: 24pts

Nicolas Otamendi: 0pts Costel Pantilimon: 2pts Mauro Zarate: 2pts Ryan Bertrand: 2pts Eder: 0pts Troy Deeney: 11pts Danny Rose: 2pts Cesc Fabregas: 2pts Alberto Moreno: 1pt Yannick Bolasie: 2pts


Just because last week’s picks didn’t perform didn’t mean that didn’t stop the wildcards running amok the FPL. Eight more made the dream team for gameweek fifteen, with three very familiar faces once again making up the numbers. Riyad Mahrez continued his rich form, at this point everyone has come to expect that no matter what Mahrez will be there stalking points every single week. Gini scored a brace against Liverpool to slow down Klopp’s own Liverpool hype train, whereas the final non-wildcard was wildcard king Deeney’s strike partner Odion Ighalo. This is the second week in a row where both Watford forwards feature in the same gameweek, truly amazing to see and even more promising for potential transfers for both players.

The biggest trend so far is seeing one stellar defensive performance make up the wildcards because few clean sheets seem to be obtainable from the offset. This week it was Bournemouth’s time to take the spotlight after a well-deserved victory against the champions Chelsea. Condemning Chelsea to four home league defeats this season has truly signalled the air force signals for Jose’s Blues who are now hanging on by the skin of their teeth. At one point Adam Smith, features in the wildcards, was doing spins and tricks in defence with Harry Arter around Fabregas, Hazard, and Willian. By any measure they shouldn’t be allowed to do that against a team that was so revered last season. Chelsea are in trouble and it is no surprise to see most of their team offering wildcard options for anyone to pick for gameweeks. The Blues cannot be trusted; they are now a team that most will now logically back against. Last season eight losses was the maximum a Champions League team could suffer, and it was even tighter in prior seasons, so from our analysis Chelsea are doomed to sit out Europe next season.

Other eye catching performances were Stoke’s win over Manchester City, and their midfield duo of the Alpine Messi and Marko Arnautovic splintered the former champions in a stalwart fashion, it was truly amazing television. The West Ham and Manchester United tie was the complete opposite of that and Winston Reid who grabbed max bonus points is an example of safe selections when now facing the Red Devils.

Wildcards: Boruc, Cook, Smith, Reid, Arnautovic, Ramsey, Shaqiri, Deeney (8)

Non Wildcards: Mahrez, Wijnaldum, Ighalo (3)

Points achieved by Wildcards: 90pts

Points achieved by Non-Wildcards: 45pts


For Gameweek Sixteen we are once again selecting ten wildcards, one for each game. Same rules apply: the players we choose must not be selected by more than five percent of the games players. We start in order of the games listed on the official Fantasy Premier League site.

The wildcard options selection percentage is accurate as of Tuesday 08/12/2015.


Player Name: Nathan Redmond

Club: Norwich Position: Midfielder

Price: £5.4mil

Ownership: 4.9%

One player who started the season so well was that of Nathan Redmond. Norwich has been playing a different system and based on his two points in last two appearances it appears that their new formula may not include the English winger. That said, Redmond is still one of the only sources of quality in the Canaries current squad and is coming on to make a difference, there is no guarantee he is start as that is a gamble with the current team sheets. He is playing, and against Everton you need all the quality you can muster at the moment, if there are goals to be had or made then expect Redmond to have a say on the games proceedings.

Last Three

13 - CHE (A) - 2pts

14 - ARS (H) - 1pt

15 - WAT (A) - 1pt

Next Three

16 - EVE (H) - 12th December, 12:45pm

17 - MUN (A) - 19th December, 15:00pm

18 - TOT (A) - 26th December, 15:00pm


Player Name: Pape Souare

Club: Crystal Palace Position: Defender

Price: £4.5mil

Ownership: 2.0%

Improvement under Alan Pardew has been amazing for the Eagles, not only have they looked good offensively but they are also mounting up their defensive grit too. One of the mainstay defenders has been left-back Pape Souare who has impressed for the Eagles, with no other competition for this position in the squad except natural right-back Martin Kelly. Pape will start against a seriously out-of-form Southampton who has struggled in the areas where Crystal Palace are thriving, so this could be another test of a struggling Saints. Defensive points are a high probability with Southampton’s current form so Pape Souare makes the cut this week.

Last Three

13 - SUN (H) - 2pts

14 - NEW (H) - 2pts

15 - EVE (A) - 2pts

Next Three

16 - SOU (H) - 12th December, 15:00pm

17 - STK (A) - 19th December, 15:00pm

18 - BOU (A) - 26th December, 15:00pm


Player Name: Wilfried Bony

Club: Manchester City Position: Forward

Price: £8.1mil

Ownership: 1.0%

When Sergio Aguero is out injured the responsibility for goals falls to Wilfried Bony who comes up against his old squad. His inclusion in this week’s wildcards is born out of the ‘old team’ curse, with players who have moved tending to fair good against their old squads. Last season Bony scored against Swansea, and in their current woes the Swans could be faced with a similar fate. With David Silva back in the team with De Bruyne and Sterling to support there could be plenty of opportunity to put Bony into the points. Even if this is a stop-gap transfer it won’t be the worst you’ve ever made.

Last Three

13 - LIV (H) - 0pts

14 - SOU (H) - 1pt

15 - STK (A) - 1pt

Next Three

16 - SWA (H) - 12th December, 15:00pm

17 - ARS (A) - 21st December, 20:00pm

18 - SUN (H) - 26th December, 15:00pm


Player Name: Troy Deeney

Club: Watford Position: Forward

Price: £5.2mil

Ownership: 3.4%

Twenty eight points in the last three appearances alone is huge returns for cheap player in a promoted team, what is even more amazing is that both Deeney and Ighalo made the dream team for a second week running, and there is suspicion they might just do it a third time against Sunderland at the weekend. Troy Deeney will forever be the Watford wildcard if he is on this kind of ridiculous form that has him overlooked by his striker partner Odion Ighalo. The Hype Train did a short piece on the pair recently and they must be on the best sources of FPL points out there, and also one of the only working partnerships in the FPL. The best thing about this relationship is that Deeney is both setting up and scoring goals and picking up bonus along the way. Currently if you have no Watford forward in your team now is the time to jump on the hype train with Deeney.

Last Three

13 - MUN (H) - 6pts

14 - AVL (A) - 11pts

15 - NOR (H) - 11pts

Next Three

16 - SUN (A) - 12th December, 15:00pm

17 - LIV (H) - 20th December, 13:30pm

18 - CHE (A) - 26th December, 15:00pm


Player Name: Geoff Cameron

Club: Stoke City Position: Defender

Price: £4.4mil

Ownership: 0.7%

In the game against Manchester City the American played in central midfield, which is the stuff of dreams for FPL managers. The versatile Cameron has been quality for the Potters this season and after a convincing performance against Manchester City he should retain his place in the squad that created the shock over the Citizens. Up next for Mark Hughes team is West Ham who is currently plagued by injuries. Joining Payet on the side-lines are Manuel Lanzini (who was originally going to be selected as the wildcard in this fixture) and also Victor Moses. Without the Hammers holy trinity the odds of Stoke keeping another clean sheet rise dramatically. Playing in central midfield also offers the great opportunity to get among the goals and assists. Cameron is a great choice, at a cheap price, in a team that is currently defensively solid.

Last Three

13 - SOU (A) - 1pt

14 - SUN (A) - 0pts

15 - MCI (H) - 6pts

Next Three

16 - WHU (A) - 12th December, 15:00pm

17 - CRY (H) - 19th December, 15:00pm

18 - MUN (H) - 26th December, 12:45pm


Player Name: Junior Stanislas

Club: Bournemouth Position: Midfielder

Price: £4.2mil

Ownership: 0.5%

As you may have read in the past few weeks the one thing that Eddie Howe’s AFC Bournemouth need more than anything is a hero to rise up and inspire some hope. Fortunately for Howe and Cherries fans alike there was someone who has risen to that mantle and it was someone who was for the first ten games largely overlooked in the squad. Junior Stanislas entered the team and has made a big splash that has helped him retain his place in the team, and after picking up twenty points in three fixtures they now have a player of whom Bournemouth can look to for something to work. Stanislas made the difference against Everton by scoring two goals, including the dramatic equaliser, and Howe will want the same goal scoring threat against an otherwise timid Manchester United.

Last Three

13 - SWA (A) - 4pts

14 - EVE (H) - 13pts

15 - CHE (A) - 3pts

Next Three

16 - MUN (H) - 12th December, 17:30pm

17 - WBA (A) - 19th December, 15:00pm

18 - CRY (H) - 26th December, 15:00pm


Player Name: Alex Oxlaide-Chamberlain

Club: Arsenal Position: Midfielder

Price: £5.5mil

Ownership: 1.9%

Despite the haunting of half their squad who currently call the hospital their home the Gunners mourned their brethren by breaking down a stubborn Sunderland and picking up the three points. Injuries to Santi Cazorla and Sanchez in particular mean that Arsenal are looking to inject some more width into their system, and fortunately the return of The Ox for Arsene Wenger was a huge relief. Now more than ever this is it for The Ox, a chance has presented itself to the winger to make statement of his intent. Sadly, many Gunners fans also share this philosophy that he is running out of chances to earn a starting berth. One way he can prove the unrelenting support of Arsenal is a good performance against bottom feeders Aston Villa who have been struggling for a long while and this may continue after Arsenal head their way. In 2015 Arsenal has picked up the most points away from home and they will feel confident in this encounter. The Ox is a great shout for your teams and at a cheap price could be a great fifth midfielder option for the price conscious.

Last Three

13 - WBA (A) - 0pts

14 - NOR (A) - 1pt

15 - SUN (H) - 2pts

Next Three

16 - AVL (A) - 13th December, 13:30pm

17 - MCI (H) - 21st December, 20:00pm

18 - SOU (A) - 26th December, 19:45pm


Player Name: James Milner

Club: Liverpool Position: Midfielder

Price: £6.6mil

Ownership: 4.3%

The word ‘disappointment’ resonates highly with FPL managers and Liverpool supporters after the Reds failed to make what looked like to be a certain impact against relegation candidates Newcastle United. Returning to Anfield this week and with two respective home games in the next three, Vice-captain James Milner looks to set right the deficit suffered in gameweek fifteen. Milner is playing in one of the two wider roles and is on most set pieces, normally picking out Benteke for headers. One unexpected trait he has picked up is that of penalty taker, the Englishman has a huge points potential in a Red’s shirt, he even picked up the winner against Swansea. Stock in Liverpool is still high so Milner is a great alternative to the creative midfield he is aligned to.

Last Three

13 - MCI (A) - 2pts

14 - SWA (H) - 9pts

15 - NEW (A) - 2pts

Next Three

16 - WBA (H) - 13th December, 16:00pm

17 - WAT (A) - 20th December, 13:30pm

18 - LEI (H) - 26th December, 15:00pm


Player Name: Dele Alli

Club: Spurs Position: Midfielder

Price: £5.0mil

Ownership: 3.0%

Taking away his suspension against Chelsea the Spurs sensation has picked up fourteen points in two matches, more than impressive for a player who playing in League One last season for the MK Dons. It is clear now why Pochettino raced to sign him in January this year ahead of the queue of people who were preparing bids, even Steven Gerrard said of all players he wanted young Alli to join Liverpool. Spurs finally have an ounce of revenge over teams poaching what could have been their players. Alli in return has been a mainstay in the Spurs team and is a goal-making and goal-scoring midfielder, and with other players injured he isn’t at any risk of his place in the team being compromised. The best of Alli could yet come to fruition as it is still early days; he may even help Kane break his two game duck against Newcastle. Picking a Spurs player at the Lane is always a gamble but in this fixture it is a wise one.

Last Three

13 - WHU (H) - 5pts

14 - CHE (H) - 0pts

15 - WBA (A) - 9pts

Next Three

16 - NEW (H) - 13th December, 16:00pm

17 - SOU (A) - 19th December, 15:00pm

18 - NOR (H) - 26th December, 15:00pm


Player Name: Kurt Zouma

Club: Chelsea Position: Defender

Price: £5.4mil

Ownership: £3.7%

Should Chelsea be a new graduate from University their degree would be in ‘Party Crashing and Upset Administration’. The Blue love rocking up to grounds full of confidence and putting their foot in the door just before it closes, Liverpool, Manchester United, and Manchester City know all too well of the Blues ability to wreck the perfect day. Chelsea if they were a person would be the one who would also speak up to the question ‘Is there any reason why these two cannot be wed?’ on a perfect wedding day. Chelsea is this team and their fan-base takes great pleasure out of knowing this. There are many traps laid out in the plan of the Premier League, and Chelsea is still a team of players with an abundance of quality to make an upset like this happen. Zouma has been their choice defender this year which is why he is the obvious shout. The big Frenchman is a threat in the box and also has been picking up the bonus points should Chelsea keep the odd clean sheet.

Anything is possible in this weird season, so go into this weekend’s Monday clash with an air of doubt because at any time Chelsea will crash the party and drink everyone’s alcohol. As one of The Hype Team will confess (@SamAustin45 being a Liverpool supporter) it is a nervy affair whenever the Blues come to town, as there are the potential for slip ups to take place.

Last Three

13 - NOR (H) - 6pts

14 - TOT (A) - 6pts

15 - BOU (H) - 2pts

Next Three

16 - LEI (A) - 14th December, 20:00pm

17 - SUN (H) - 19th December, 15:00pm

18 - WAT (H) - 26th December, 15:00pm

For all GW 16 build up, check out the Weekly Hype page now.

All aboard.


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