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Europe's FPL Elite: Italy

The FPL is the most played fantasy football game in England, but outside of our beloved English clubs, and the weekly scramble for weekly fantasy points on the board, it can be hard to engage with the success of football in Europe. Just for fun The Hype Train is embarking on a journey to root out the best Fantasy players from outside of The Barclays Premier League with a series of Graphical Aids. Our second venture into another realm of fantasy takes us south to Italy, and its top division Serie A. Famed for ruthless defending, bold and brave attackers, and currently under a few years of Juventus domination, are these statements still actually the case?

The Elite in Portugal

Our first venture into another realm of fantasy took us to the neighbours of Spain, the otherwise isolated nation of Portugal, and its top division. Liga NOS. Published on December 2nd 2015 we covered the stats in Portugal until the 11th week of fixtures.

To read and look at what we found, click here, or click on the title picture of Iker Casillas and Jonas Oliveira.

Serie A TIM

Just like with what we done in Portugal, for Italy's top division we've delved into the stats and pulled the players that would prove too much to keep out. Considering the league has had three years of Juventus bossing the league, you'll be surprised at this seasons's findings. Fans of the league will know that Juve were slow starters, but with six wins on the bounce as of writing, Juventus are coming back into their own, but just like Chelsea they've proven innefective at a fantasy level this season. In fact, there are numerous signs that Serie A and the BPL are lacking in its key players performing in the league, opening the door for players under the radar to take this spotlight.

By no means are we providing a definitive list, but in terms of player selection, we think we've nailed the big hitters from Serie A that are making the difference this season.


FPL: Gameweek 17 / 18 / 19 (Crunch Time)

Computer problems plagued the Hype Team for two weeks, but with the issue resolved we're back running at full capacity. We're over on our Twitter account all the time, so if you've any questions regarding transfer and selection for the Xmas period, just follow us and sent a private message. We'll reply to any serious questions (you wouldn't understand how many spam messages from bogus betting companies we get - other FPL twitter account owners will share this pain).

You can follow us at @RealHypeTrain

We've recently become a part of the writing and contributing staff over at the Fantasy Football Pundits (@FFPundits) and we'll be resuming our weekly Gameweek articles starting with GW18 where we'll be providing insight and analysis for the hype team of the week, Chelsea. We'll also be rolling out our full range of GW18 build up before Christmas day, and will be in full swing for GW19, less than 48 hours later. We hope that all of your FPL teams in GW17 have been scoring points and gaining those precious green arrows.

All aboard.


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