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Weekly Wildcards: Gameweek Twenty-One

Every week The Hype Train analyses the best wildcard options for your Fantasy Premier League teams. Historically weekly dream team’s comprise of mostly wildcard players whose selection falls under 5% of overall players, to which there is no doubt that their influence cannot be ignored. With such an abundance of points coming from the FPL’s hidden gems The Hype Train selects one player from each match in the upcoming gameweek to decide who could be the differential for your teams.


Gameweek twenty and were over half way through, and the Premier League is showing no signs of slowing down its confusion train. Nothing makes sense. The wildcards exist for this reason, and this week three out of our ten picks succeeded in showing that there is value in players who are not widely selected. King Deeney had a quiet game against Man City but another striker came back into the fold in the form of Chelsea’s Diego Costa who had a great game against an injury stricken Crystal Palace scoring ten points. Theo Walcott made well (kind of) in our estimations and picked up a clean sheet point, whilst our last success was the highly favoured Christian Fuchs who picked up a clean sheet against Bournemouth.

Elsewhere there was a bunch of sour grapes, West Brom beating Stoke, and West Ham doing the double over Liverpool spoiled things for the wildcards, but we should have known better than to pick a Manchester United player to score.

Jordan Ibe: 2pts

Theo Walcott: 3pts

Christian Fuchs: 6pts

Ander Herrera: 2pts

Cuco Martina: 2pts

Fabio Borini: 1pt

Xherdan Shaqiri: 2pts

Troy Deeney: 2pts

Diego Costa: 10pts

Erik Lamela: 1pt

Gameweek Twenty Average Points: 40pts

Gameweek Twenty Wildcard Points: 31pts


This has probably been the best example of a week that doesn’t go anyone’s way. Everyone expect Mahrez to bury that penalty and claim the Vardy assist, everyone thought the week would go much different. Then again we could argue everyone has been spoilt and the FPL gods reminded us to be humble is such circumstances. Proof of their existence is in the inclusion of eight wildcard players in the dream team for week twenty. Many of which were owned by less than two percent of players.

What is interesting is that an Arsenal defender has been the top player for consecutive weeks, both playing centre back positions, that is the kind of mystery that the FPL is throwing upon the masses, especially since Leicester have been quiet in recent weeks. Speaking of that match Boruc is the keeper in the dream team, an addition that must surely burn the eyes of over half the FPL community.

Wildcards: Boruc, Evans, Collins, Oscar, Tettey, Sessegnon, Defoe, Costa (8)

Non-Wildcards: Koscielny, Willian, Martial (3)

Points by wildcards: 91pts

Points by non-wildcards: 40pts


For Gameweek 21 we are once again selecting ten wildcards, one for each game. Same rules apply: the players we choose must not be selected by more than five percent of the games players. We start in order of the games listed on the official Fantasy Premier League site.

The wildcard options selection percentage is accurate as of Saturday 09/12/2015.


Name: Jordan Ayew

Club: Aston Villa

Position: Forward Price: £5.5mil Ownership: 0.5%

A rarity in the wildcards is a Villain, and in the game you’d expect us to pick a Crystal Palace player. Well, let us enlighten you on Garde’s strategy at Aston Villa. The Frenchman admits that they have many problems to overcome, they are doomed essentially, but that isn’t stopping him draw one all in most games under his belt. Villa is slowly obtaining points against unsuspecting teams, and they can thank the graft of Jordan Ayew for it. He has been an outlet for goals and assists since he has given the main striking role. He is a versatile striker and will definitely still be in the Premier League for seasons to come even if the Villains do end up getting relegated. Crystal Palace hasn’t looked at their best in recent weeks and we expect that if anyone is to get points for the home team it will be Andre’s brother.

Last Three 18 – WHU (H) – 9pts

19 – NOR (A) – 1pt

20 – SUN (A) – 0pts Next Three

21 – CRY (H) – 12th January, 19:45pm

22 – LEI (H) – 16th January, 17:30pm

23 – WBA (A) – 23rd January, 15:00pm


Name: Andy Carroll

Club: West Ham

Position: Forward Price: £6.4mil Ownership: 0.2mil

Andy Carroll is hitting his peak part of every season; the two months were he is a legitimate striker before his next injury. Goals in his last two games speak for themselves against Southampton and Liverpool squads, the big man is back. The Hype Train is high on Carroll for the obvious reason…he is unique, and when we say that it translates to: he is the best at what he does. Andy Carroll is the best striker when it comes to headed goals in this moment, and his presence is lethal in the box. Carroll is the target man, the one who they look for; he is the outlet for the West Ham attack. Surprisingly he is also good with his feet, not the best, but for his size and stature he is surprising. In the FA Cup victory at the weekend his sublime assist has gone largely unnoticed because the goal from the classiest striker in the world Jelavic was so mouth-watering. Fixtures against Bournemouth and Newcastle is good reading for anyone looking for an extreme wildcard striker, but if you’re looking for extremes then look to an expert in the alternative.

Last Three 18 – AVL (A) – 0pts

19 – SOU (H) – 7pts

20 – LIV (H) – 6pts Next Three

21 – BOU (A) – 12th January, 19:45pm

22 – NEW (A) – 16th January, 15:00pm

23 – MCI (H) – 23rd January, 17:30pm


Name: Rob Elliot

Club: Newcastle United

Position: Goalkeeper Price: £4.0mil Ownership: 2.1%

If you are shopping for a new value keeper then look no further, Rob Elliot has established himself as a surprise addition to this season because he has done a fine job at replacing Tim Krul following the Dutchman’s injury. Elliot is playing every game and is picking up a tonne of save points throughout the season; he is the perfect second keeper or best first choice keeper if value between the sticks is what you are looking for. Newcastle’s opponents are a shaky and underwhelming Manchester United, it wouldn’t be a surprise if both team failed to score in every honest opinion, and at the moment Elliot looks like on paper he is safe for picking up points even if he does concede.

Last Three 18 – EVE (4) – 4pts

19 – WBA (A) – 0pts

20 – ARS (A) – 2pts Next Three

21 – MUN (H) – 12th January, 19:45pm

22 – WHU (H) – 16th January, 15:00pm

23 – WAT (A) – 23rd January, 15:00pm


Name: Oscar

Club: Chelsea

Position: Midfielder Price: £8.2mil Ownership: 1.4%

With Hiddink now in charge Chelsea look a significantly better team than when Mourinho was in charge, and one player who has returned to the starting eleven and impressed is young Oscar in the central attacking role. Whenever he plays Chelsea always look better, he is key to their current attacking style, can track back and defend, and links up perfectly with Willian and Costa in the attack which is why he is now a crucial ingredient to their rebirth. Oscar is also charged with taking penalties and set pieces, so there is always value, but the biggest difference is that he is the player in the opposition box picking up loose balls. He is usually one of the furthest Chelsea players on the pitch at any time and is making a real difference. If you fancy your chances with an upcoming Chelsea players with two straight and good home games then Oscar might fit the bill.

Last Three 18 – WAT (H) – 0pts

19 – MUN (A) – 3pts

20 – CRY (A) – 14pts Next Three

21 – WBA (H) – 13th January, 19:45pm

22 – EVE (H) – 16th January, 15:00pm

23 – ARS (A) – 24th January, 16:00pm


Name: Nicolas Otamendi

Club: Manchester City

Position: Defender Price: £6.5mil Ownership: 1.0%

Manchester City have thrown another curve ball in The Hype Train’s direction, with a tough fixture with lots of highly picked players there are only ever one or two players that can really feature. Hence why Otamendi gets the nod in this fixture, there isn’t any particular reason but with rumours that Romelu Lukaku may not be fit enough to feature after being injured in the Toffee’s win over Man City in the League Cup then you’d fancy a Manchester City defender. Nothing more really needs to be said; from here we’ll just cross our fingers.

Last Three 18 – SUN (H) – 2pts

19 – LEI (A) – 8pts

20 – WAT (A) – 2pts Next Three

21 – EVE (H) – 13th January, 19:45pm

22 – CRY (H) – 16th January, 15:00pm

23 – WHU (A) – 23rd January, 17:30pm


Name: Troy Deeney

Club: Watford

Position: Forward Price: £5.2mil Ownership: 4.4%

For those who are new to reading the wildcards then know one thing very quickly, Troy Deeney is selected every week as he is a gold mine of points. The Hype Train has spoken highly of the Watford captain and he scored the winner in the FA Cup fixture against Newcastle on Saturday. Troy Deeney is the king of the wildcards and all that will be reminded is that whilst he is assisting Odion Ighalo and taking penalties for the Hornets his place is in the wildcards is locked in until he is either injured or the season ends. It doesn’t matter who he plays, home or away, Deeney is constant.

Last Three 18 – CHE (A) – 8pts

19 – TOT (H) – 4pts

20 – MCI (H) – 2pts Next Three

21 – SOU (A) – 13th January, 19:45pm

22 – SWA (A) – 18th January, 20:00pm

23 – NEW (H) – 23rd January, 15:00pm


Name: Ryan Shawcross

Club: Stoke City

Position: Defender Price: £4.8mil Ownership: 1.2%

Stoke have enjoyed defensive spoils this season, keeping more clean sheets in twenty games than they did in the whole of last season so far. The big reason for their robust defence has been Ryan Shawcross who is looking good for potentially going to the Euro’s if he keeps up his form. If there is one player Liverpool should look to in order to rebuild their defense then he might be a fantastic option for Klopp, he is a great leader and knows how to marshal the back four. A home tie with Norwich looks to be a rudimentary two to nil game for Stoke, after two disappointing games for FPL managers who have Butland in goal this is a salivating fixture to earn FPL points. Shawcross is certain to play as he is captain, and he is also half a million cheaper than Glen Johnson who would otherwise be the obvious shout from the Potters defence.

Last Three 18 – MUN (H) – 6pts

19 – EVE (A) – 1pts

20 – WBA (A) – 1pts Next Three

21 – NOR (H) – 13th January, 19:45pm

22 – ARS (H) – 17th January, 16:15pm

23 – LEI (A) – 23rd January, 15:00pm


Name: Neil Taylor

Club: Swansea

Position: Defender Price: £4.8mil Ownership: 1.0%

With Garry Monk gone the fortunes of the Swans have improved with Curtis now appointed boss until the end of the season, and one thing they have definitely improved on in Monk’s absence has been defensive structure. Clean sheets are now a real thing for Swansea supporters, they may not be the most entertaining games but FPL managers can start to believe once again the Swansea offer potential point’s returns on weekly basis. One player who has been pivotal to this new emphasis if left-back Neil Taylor who is included in the wildcards for a second time, the Welshman hasn’t been dropped since Curtis took charge and is both a threat forward and also defensive stalwart, a couple yellow cards may elude him however, but he is cheaper than Ashley Williams. With Sunderland visiting Taylor might be good value for money if they keep their back-bone straight as they done in recent weeks.

Last Three 18 – WHU (H) – 6pts

19 – CRY (A) – 5pts

20 – MUN (A) – 1pts Next Three

21 – SUN (H) – 13th January, 19:45pm

22 – WAT (H) – 18th January, 20:00pm

23 – EVE (A) – 24th January, 13:30pm


Name: Tiago Ilori

Club: Liverpool

Position: Defender Price: £4.4mil Ownership: 0.0%

Bought in the summer of 2013 the Portuguese has been touted for a big career at Anfield, provided he finally gets a chance in the team. Fortunately the injury crisis at Liverpool has gifted him the opportunity. Getting his first start in the draw against Exeter in the FA Cup was a prelude to Liverpool’s only fit centre back in action, and both of Liverpool’s goals conceded had nothing to do with him, to the onlooker he actually had a really good game. Ilori comes with a good pedigree, and the twist here is that Liverpool has thrived in big-game occasions this season. Chelsea, Man City, Leicester have all known the wrath of Jurgen Klopp and the belief is that Arsenal may come all guns blazing into this fixture, but Liverpool won’t be that badly effected as everyone will initially believe. This fixture has traps laid all over the place, and Liverpool may just cause a shock in this fixture. This pick may be the only time Ilori could be chosen if injuries clear up, so it is one that has to be taken.

Last Three 18 – WHU (H) – 0pts

19 – NOR (A) – 0pts

20 – SUN (A) – 0pts Next Three

21 – ARS (H) – 13th January, 20:00pm

22 – MUN (H) – 17th January, 14:05pm

23 – NOR (A) – 23rd January, 12:45pm


Name: Christian Eriksen

Club: Spurs

Position: Midfielder Price: £8.4mil Ownership: 4.9%

Last week we had good luck with choosing Diego Costa as our wildcard for the week, now this time around we have Christian Eriksen who just edges in. Hopefully karma can work in our favour, usually players who drop into the wildcards that carry a big reputation tend to do well. FPL managers also know the wrath of taking someone out of their team only for that decision to haunt them. This pick is solely based on superstition that the FPL gods have another cruel twist to the already bizarre Premier League season. In terms of the match it isn’t the worst pick, also considering Spurs next three games anything can happen and that is the mantra Eriksen thrives on. Leicester has struggled to win recently and this could open up for a fourth frustrating game which could involve the Dane.

Last Three 18 – NOR (H) – 3pts

19 – WAT (A) – 1pt

20 – EVE (A) – 2pts Next Three

21 – LEI (H) – 13th January, 20:00pm

22 – SUN (H) – 16th January, 12:45pm

23 – CRY (A) – 23rd January, 15:00pm

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