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Weekly Wildcards: Gameweek Twenty

Every week The Hype Train analyses the best wildcard options for your Fantasy Premier League teams. Historically weekly dream team’s comprise of mostly wildcard players whose selection falls under 5% of overall players, to which there is no doubt that their influence cannot be ignored. With such an abundance of points coming from the FPL’s hidden gems The Hype Train selects one player from each match in the upcoming gameweek to decide who could be the differential for your teams.


Considering that two players didn’t start (Remy/Campbell), it was still a successful week as five out of eight wildcards performed to some capacity. Bojan got an assist, and clean sheet points from Brady and Walcott helped their cases for FPL managers. The biggest additions otherwise were King Deeney and Sakho helped prove that there are points in wildcards

Frazier Campbell: 0pts

Bojan Krkic: 5pts

Robbie Brady: 3pts

Troy Deeney: 4pts

Ayoze Perez: 2pts

Theo Walcott: 3pts

Loic Remy: 0pts

Shane Long: 2pts

Leonardo Ulloa: 1pt

Mamadou Sakho: 8pts

Gameweek Nineteen Average Points: 57pts

Gameweek Nineteen Wildcard Points: 28pts


The wildcard klaxon rings again after the dream team generated another pack of wildcards to fill out the team. Gabriel was the biggest addition as he scored and picked up bonus against Bournemouth; elsewhere a Swansea clean sheet meant that Naughton is a welcome addition. In midfield Antonio of West Ham who got his second straight start scored and assisted in West Ham’s win over Southampton, Shaqiri’s two goals for Stoke secured his place, and Fletcher’s late winner against Newcastle means he earns a rare spot in the dream team.

Wildcards: Gabriel, Naughton, Antonio, Shaqiri, Fletcher (5)

Non-Wildcards: Schmeichel, Williams, Azpilicueta, Ozil, Arnautovic, Lukaku (6)

Points by wildcards: 59pts

Points by non-wildcards: 67pts


For Gameweek 20 we are once again selecting ten wildcards, one for each game. Same rules apply: the players we choose must not be selected by more than five percent of the games players. We start in order of the games listed on the official Fantasy Premier League site.

The wildcard options selection percentage is accurate as of Friday 01/12/2015.


Name: Jordan Ibe

Club: Liverpool

Position: Midfielder Price: £4.5mil Ownership: 0.8%

Ibe surprisingly has more representation than Adam Lallana in Liverpool’s team, and this week against West Ham he gets the nod ahead of his England colleague. Ibe has been rarely used but now has a golden opportunity to help his case for a more permanent role in the Liverpool starting eleven. Lallana was a weak link against West Ham last time around so Klopp is eager not to make the same mistake twice, but this could be an interesting encounter with lots of goals in it. Ibe has been good every time he starts so this total wildcard could spur some points for your team.

Last Three 17 – WAT (A) – 0pts

18 – LEI (H) – 1pts

19 – SUN (A) – 0pts Next Three

20 – WHU (A) – 2nd January, 12:45pm

21 – ARS (H) – 13th January, 20:00pm

22 – MUN (H) – 17Th January, 14:05pm


Name: Theo Walcott

Club: Arsenal

Position: Midfielder Price: £8.4mil Ownership: 3.0%

The pacey striker/winger is on his third strike, as presented this week is another big game at the Emirates in a team that will struggle to get anything out of the game. Newcastle to Arsenal is a formality, they always win. Walcott and Giroud in the past have been Toon-Killers with plenty of goals and assists to their name, so once again Walcott keeps him place in the wildcards on a technicality. That being the calibre of the opponent isn’t good enough to consider them for this match. Then again, it is one of those seasons where Newcastle could surprise them. We haven’t seen hardly anything yet and we’re only half way through.

Last Three 17 – MCI (H) – 7pts

18 – SOU (A) – 2pts

19 – BOU (H) – 3pts Next Three

20 – NEW (H) – 2nd January, 15:00pm

21 – LIV (A) – 13th January, 20:00pm

22 – STK (A) – 17th January, 16:15pm


Name: Christian Fuchs

Club: Leicester City

Position: Defender Price: £4.7mil Ownership: 0.3%

Leicester are still joint top, and after denying Manchester City the three points in the last gameweek it is safe to say that Leicester deserve their place in the top four this season. One player that is winning over plaudits that aren’t Mahrez or Vardy is new left-back Christian Fuchs who has been an absolute sensation to watch in the Foxes shirt. Fuchs not only makes a tonne of tackles every game, is also on set-piece and attacking duties for Ranieri’s men, contributing to goals too. Fuchs is one of the best fall-backs this season, and with three games against Bournemouth and Aston Villa either side of a visit to Spurs could create more opportunities for Leicester to keep clean sheets. Fuchs is also a bonus point magnet when they do keep clean sheets, and without anyone to come in and replace him due to injuries you wouldn’t be concerned about his rotation in the coming weeks.

Last Three 17 – EVE (A) – 1pt

18 – LIV (A) – 2pts

19 – MCI (H) – 8pts Next Three

20 – BOU (H) – 2nd January, 15:00pm

21 – TOT (A) – 13th January, 20:00pm

22 – AVL (A) – 16th January, 17:30pm


Name: Ander Herrera

Club: Manchester United

Position: Midfielder Price: £6.5mil Ownership: 0.9%

Manchester United have been struggling as everyone should be aware of the twenty dedicated posts from The Sport Bible every day, whilst most of us don’t care seeing Luis Van Gaal looking disappointed on our social media timelines the core Manchester United crowd have bemoaned one key player removed from their starting team in recent weeks. Ander Herrera is a goal scorer, everyone knows that, but he hasn’t been given the same chances everyone else have god only knows why, but with two starting performances in recent weeks looks good for the Spaniard to get back in the groove. This match against Swansea is a wildcard considering form against the Swan’s isn’t good, but if the Red Devils were to score then Ander Herrera would be top of that list.

Last Three 17 – NOR (H) – 1pt

18 – STK (A) – 2pts

19 – CHE (H) – 3pts Next Three

20 – SWA (H) – 2nd January, 15:00pm

21 – NEW (A) – 12th January, 19:45pm

22 – LIV (A) – 17th January, 14:05pm


Name: Cuco Martina

Club: Southampton

Position: Defender Price: £4.1mil Ownership: 0.2%

Southampton have one hell of a scouting department, their job is simple: once established ‘top six’ teams raid the Saints of their best players they have to replace them with players who fit into the Southampton way. It is no surprise that their defensive reinforcements are solid because they take a mathematical approach to all of their talent acquisitions. Martina is a summer signing who has had to wait for a chance in the main team and when given a chance he scored easily one of the goals of the season against Arsenal to really put his stamp on his potential. The right-back will be happy with playing opportunities Cedric Soare is out injured, and against Norwich an attacking line-up is expected to be featured, Martina included. Returns on both ends of the pitch are promising for a very cheap defender who has a good run of next three games too.

Last Three 17 – TOT (H) – 0pts

18 – ARS (H) – 13pts

19 – WHU (A) – 1pt Next Three

20 – NOR (A) – 2nd January, 15:00pm

21 – WAT (H) – 13th January, 19:45pm

22 – WBA (H) – 16th January, 15:00pm


Name: Fabio Borini

Club: Sunderland

Position: Forward Price: £5.4mil Ownership: 0.1%

Last season the Italian was still at Liverpool, and in this respective fixture Borini scored in a win over an apparently doomed Aston Villa. Borini in fact is the clean sheet killer, goals against Chelsea and Manchester City in quick succession has seen him name in scorn for the FPL community. With a home time against relegation rivals Sunderland have no choice but to win to attempt their climb out of the drop zone. Last season they were beaten by Aston Villa in this fixture courtesy of Benteke and Delph, but both their key players are gone. Borini should provide an outlet for goals and is a good option to have in your teams.

Last Three 17 – CHE (A) – 5pts

18 – MCI (A) – 7pts

19 – LIV (H) – 2pts Next Three

20 – AVL (H) – 2nd January, 15:00pm

21 – SWA (A) – 13th January, 19:45pm

22 – TOT (A) – 16th January, 12:45pm


Name: Xherdan Shaqiri

Club: Stoke City

Position: Midfielder Price: £6.6mil Ownership: 2.0%

Whenever he plays people are scratching their heads, Shaqiri at Stoke City is a mystery, and at The Hype Train we love it because it means he falls perfectly under the category of wildcard. Recently the Swiss international scored two wonderful goals against Everton and now looks to pick up even better results against West Brom, Norwich, and Arsenal in Stoke City’s next three. Shaqiri is the runner in Stoke’s team, it is his job to get behind defenders and work space, he plays an identical role that Gerard Deulofeu does for last week opponents Everton, they are a better team with the Swiss in it and the next two fixtures will put a smile on FPL managers faces for FPL returns. If you haven’t opted for Marko Arnautovic it might be worth considering his fellow winger, the unpredictable Xherdan Shaqiri.

Last Three 17 – CRY (H) – 1pt

18 – MUN (H) – 3pts

19 – EVE (A) – 13pts Next Three

20 – WBA (A) – 2nd January, 15:00pm

21 – NOR (H) – 13th January, 19:45pm

22 – ARS (H) – 17th January, 16:15pm


Name: Troy Deeney

Club: Watford

Position: Forward Price: £5.2mil Ownership: 4.2%

Every empire normally has a ruthless leader sitting on a throne calling all of the shots, and the wildcards of the FPL have theirs. He is Troy Deeney. Everyone knew that Deeney and Ighalo were going to be a handful this year, but not like this, they have taken the league by the throat and declared their intentions. Deeney hasn’t disappointed and is the most successful wildcard option, so there is no need to dethrone the king against Manchester City who in recent games has looked shaky at the back without Vincent Kompany. You may not want to believe it, but everyone can sense Troy looking for Odion, or getting ready for that penalty.

Last Three 17 – LIV (H) – 5pts

18 – CHE (A) – 8pts

19 – TOT (H) – 4pts Next Three

20 – MCI (H) – 2nd January, 17:30pm

21 – SOU (A) – 13th January, 19:45pm

22 – SWA (A) – 18th January, 20:00pm


Name: Diego Costa

Club: Chelsea

Position: Forward Price: £10.7mil Ownership: 4.8%

The Hype Train has been patiently waiting for this moment, and we knew it would happen, the day t that Diego Costa would become a wildcard because that is exactly what he is. Costa is an enigma to most FPL managers this season because nobody knows if they are seeing the best of him, one week he’ll be on the one point, the next he is hitting two out of nowhere. Diego Costa is the wildcard, which is why we open our arms wide and embrace him as the pick in this game. Chelsea struggled for goals against Manchester United that was obvious, and this week they face Crystal Palace away from home, a team going through the same process of finding something to work. In his last encounter before suspension he netted two, and without any suspension worries he might be a valued option should Hiddink start the Chelsea revival.

Last Three 17 – SUN (H) – 2pts

18 – WAT (H) – 12pts

19 – MUN (A) – 0pts Next Three

20 – CRY (A) – 3rd January, 13:30pm

21 – WBA (H) – 13th January, 19:45pm

22 – EVE (H) – 16th January, 15:00pm


Name: Erik Lamela

Club: Spurs

Position: Midfielder Price: £6.8mil Ownership: 1.0%

Goals are guaranteed at Goodison Park, that is what this season has taught us so far. Thrills and spills are the name of the game for Everton’s patchy home form, and with a confident Spurs rocking up to the Toffee’s wrapper things might get sticky. Lamela is starting to show signs of why Spurs signed the Argentine winger in the first place, having plenty of contribution to goals and assists but the biggest difference is that he is playing every game. In the last three outings he has played all ninety minutes which shows the trust that Pochettino has in the youngster, and with goals up for grabs at Goodison perhaps everyone is in for another seven goal thriller. Buckle up.

Last Three 17 – SOU (A) – 3pts

18 – NOR (H) – 3pts

19 – WAT (A) – 9pts Next Three

20 – EVE (A) – 3rd January, 16:00pm

21 – LEI (H) – 13th January, 20:00pm

22 – SUN (H) – 16th January, 12:45pm

For all GW 20 and 21 build up, check out the Weekly Hype page now.

All aboard.


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