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Weekly Wildcards: Gameweek Twenty-Eight

Every week The Hype Train analyses the best wildcard options for your Fantasy Premier League teams. Historically weekly dream team’s comprise of mostly wildcard players whose selection falls under 5% of overall players, to which there is no doubt that their influence cannot be ignored. With such an abundance of points coming from the FPL’s hidden gems The Hype Train selects one player from each match in the upcoming gameweek to decide who could be the differential for your teams.


Another week and other questions about players who should have gotten points, and others who failed the test, on the larger part of things this week there were plenty of points for teams who faced opposition with questionable defences. Leicester, West Brom, and Stoke benefited in the wildcards because they faced less testing opposition. Southampton, West Ham, Bournemouth, Arsenal, and Spurs fell short of FPL expectations because they lacked a cutting edge against teams at a higher level even if they did win their respective matches. Dimitri Payet is the big example, as was Troy Deeney against a fellow promotion club at home. Good picks in winnable games for both clubs and yet nothing for managers to be excited over. Three wildcards from eight is a good return, this season is doing its best to defy expectations.

Emmanuel Emenike: 1pt

Christian Fuchs: 9pts Fraser Forster: 1pt

Xherdan Shaqiri: 7pts Troy Deeney: 2pts Saido Berahino: 7pts Aaron Ramsey: 1pt

Kevin Wimmer: 2pts

Gameweek Twenty Seven Average Points: 33pts

Gameweek Twenty Seven Wildcard Points: 30pts


True domination from the wildcards in the dream team this week, eight of the eleven represented by less than five percent of players, and Marcus Rashford is saluted for being a true wildcard differential that a few people banked on before the gameweek to do well against Arsenal…a gamble well and truly well paid off. Three of the four defensive options were wildcards, two of four midfielders, and an impressive three out of three attackers all stacked with the wildcard label. Christian Fuchs is the best wildcard option out of the ones this week, Leicester look to be a defensive machine and whenever they keep clean sheets the Austrian is a magnet for bonus. Speaking of the three forwards they are hardly players you’d fancy with ‘better’ options available, you wouldn’t normally expect those to all be players of the week, Rashford is the most interesting because of his price and ultimately risky if you consider that it could fall apart as quickly as it started. Let’s hope not because if he holds down a place in the team he could be a legitimate option.

Wildcards: Adrian, Francis, Fuchs, Gardner, Antonio, Rashford, Wickham, Welbeck (8)

Non-Wildcards: Ivanovic, Arnautovic, Ozil (3)

Points achieved by wildcards: 89pts

Points achieved by non-wildcards: 36pts


For Gameweek Twenty-Eight we are once again selecting ten wildcards, one for each game. Same rules apply: the players we choose must not be selected by more than five percent of the games players. We start in order of the games listed on the official Fantasy Premier League site.

The wildcard options selection percentage is accurate as of Sunday 29/02/2016.


Name: Joel Robles

Club: Everton

Position: Goalkeeper Price: £4.3mil Ownership: 0.2%

Of recent weeks The Hype Train has looked at good goalkeeping options for the ongoing season and one surprising name is Joel Robles of Everton. There is a suspicion that Tim Howard is now running out of time at Everton, he is now number two to their actual number one goalkeeper after Robles has proved he is good enough to fit into the first squad. Robles is making saves and keeping clean sheets for the Toffees and even as a cheap back-up keeper option it would be invaluable for your team, especially with Everton having a bunch of double gameweeks coming up. Focusing on this week the newly invested Everton travel to the bottom feeders Aston Villa in what people are already saying will be a rudimentary win for the club from Merseyside. This would be a safe pick and rest assured if you needed to drop him at any stage his price wouldn’t scare you off from doing it later on, and picking him up for future games.

Last Three 25 – NEW (H) – 7pts

26 – STK (A) – 7pts

27 – WBA (H) – 2pts Next Three

28 – AVL (A) – 1st March, 19:45pm

29 – WHU (H) – 5th March, 15:00pm

30 – N/A – Not playing.


Name: Charlie Austin

Club: Southampton

Position: Forward Price: £6.8mil Ownership: 0.5%

News reports claim that Shane Long will be injured for the tie against Bournemouth which means recently purchased Charlie Austin can have another crack up top for the Saints. He and the rest of the team visit a team further along the south coast in part two of the ‘Coastline Clash’ which is truth was a very entertaining fixture at St Mary’s. Austin is a great option and he since fallen in price which makes him more attainable than ever. Having recently made his first start for his new club it looks like the English striker is due to get a run out of games which is good news for the FPL community who see Austin as an unquestioned source of returns. Bournemouth hasn’t been iron clad at the back and has at times conceded easy goals much to Eddie Howe’s dismay. Austin could make a big impact in this fixture, and a lot of people will kick themselves for not trusting their gut if his isn’t transferred in.

Last Three 25 – WHU (H) – 1pt

26 – SWA (A) – 1pt

27 – CHE (H) – 2pts Next Three

28 – BOU (A) – 1st March, 19:45pm

29 – SUN (H) – 5th March, 15:00pm

30 – STK (A) – 12th March, 15:00pm


Name: Christian Fuchs

Club: Leicester

Position: Defender Price: £4.9mil Ownership: 3.6%

Arguably one of the best defenders this season, Christian Fuchs is a bonus point magnet amidst the tightened Foxes defence. Why the Austrian captain wasn’t seen as an asset at Shalke 04 is confusing, but why he remains as a wildcard player is even more the mystery. The presence of the left-back makes this pick easy to make because having one of the best defensive returns in the last ten games for all defenders he is hot property, and overlooked because Robert Huth has found his goal-scoring touch in recent weeks and was a lot cheaper in price. Fuchs is on free kicks, corners, and can also cross the ball in from open play which harbours the opportunity to gain more assists. West Brom fortunately in this fixture is not a defensive unit as they were last season, but they shouldn’t bother the Leicester defence too much. Fuchs also recently joined our ‘hype train’ of essential players after picking up all three bonus points against Norwich at the weekend. All aboard.

Last Three 25 – MCI (A) – 6pts

26 – ARS (A) – 0pts

27 – NOR (H) – 9pts Next Three

28 – WBA (H) – 1st March, 19:45pm

29 – WAT (A) – 5th March, 17:30pm

30 – NEW (H) – 14th March, 20:00pm


Name: Cesc Fabregas

Club: Chelsea

Position: Midfielder Price: £8.4mil Ownership: 4.5%

With the Chelsea waters no longer poisoned by whatever overcame them the Blues have returned to their old ways, and with twelve games undefeated in the league they are no longer the laughing stock that began the season. Key men have returned to form and one influential figure can count his lucky stars that he has managed to shape up in this twelve week run. Fabregas is once again proving to be the difference maker for Chelsea, and in his last three games has an impressive seventeen FPL points to his name with Norwich and Stoke in the coming weeks. Diego Costa has benefited by his return to form so we expect Fabregas to step it up a gear and continue his fine form against a team that can’t help but concede.

Last Three 25 – MUN (H) – 2pts

26 – NEW (H) – 5pts

27 – SOU (A) – 10pts Next Three

28 – NOR (A) – 1st March, 19:45pm

29 – STK (H) – 5th March, 15:00pm

30 – N/A – Not playing.


Name: Whabi Khazri

Club: Sunderland

Position: Midfielder Price: £6.0mil Ownership: 0.4%

Only after a couple of weeks in the Premier League the African winger Khazri looks worth his money. He has forced the Black Cats to play a better brand of football in their effort to survive relegation to the Championship, and if they somehow do then no doubt that a bigger club will come in for the crafty midfielder. Since making his debut he has been picking up assists like crazy, forming a lethal partnership with Jermain Defoe, at current times there is reason for optimism for Sunderland supporters. Khazri is essentially in the same mould as Shaqiri in that he helps provide that little bit of extra quality, that cutting edge, he is real hot property and in his last three games has returned twenty one FPL points. Crystal Palace hasn’t looked the same since key men got injured, and Sunderland can easily exploit their defence. We expect that Khazri will have a big game against Crystal Palace, he is a game changer and FPL managers need to know where the options are for bottom half clubs, Khazri is one such man.

Last Three 25 – LIV (A) – 9pts

26 – MUN (H) – 10pts

27 – WHU (A) – 2pts Next Three

28 – CRY (H) – 1st March, 19:45pm

29 – SOU (A) – 5th March, 15:00pm

30 – N/A – Not playing.


Name: Danny Welbeck

Club: Arsenal

Position: Forward Price: £7.3mil Ownership: 0.3%

Since returning against Leicester Danny Welbeck has scored two goals in two matches against two top clubs, both identical in nature it is also worth pointing out, both assisted by Ozil too. Arsenal are looking to change things up and leave Giroud on the bench, relying on Walcott and Welbeck to interchange up front for the Gunners, and against Swansea they are looking to pick themselves back up after the loss at Old Trafford. There are few Arsenal wildcards which is where the points will rest in this fixture, so we are sticking faith with a returning goal scorer in form. The good thing is that Arsenal don’t have any breaks coming up, but in return they face Swansea who love visiting the Emirates.

Last Three 25 – BOU (A) – 0pts

26 – LEI (H) – 6pts

27 – MUN (A) – 10pts Next Three

28 – SWA (H) – 2nd March, 19:45pm

29 – TOT (A) – 5th March, 12:45pm

30 – WBA (H) – 12th March, 17:30pm


Name: Xherdan Shaqiri

Club: Stoke City

Position: Midfielder Price: £6.4mil Ownership: 1.7%

Whenever Newcastle visit town FPL managers are taking notice, the same with Aston Villa, so the wildcard pick for Stoke isn’t going to change. Shaqiri and Arnautovic run the Villa defence all over the field and made the impact in their victory over the bottom placed club. Newcastle, also fearing relegation, will be worried about visiting one of the most formidable grounds in the league. Shaqiri adds that extra quality to the Stoke squad and has a great partnership with the forwards around him, so expect the Swiss midfielder to cause the prone Toon defence plenty of problems. After picking up good returns last week there is no reason to change Shaqiri as this week’s wildcard pick.

Last Three 25 – EVE (H) – 2pts

26 – BOU (A) – 5pts

27 – AVL (H) – 7pts Next Three

28 – NEW (H) – 2nd March, 19:45pm

29 – CHE (A) – 5th March, 15:00pm

30 – SOU (H) – 12th March, 15:00pm


Name: Michail Antonio

Club: West Ham

Position: Midfielder Price: £5.3mil Ownership: 2.4%

Believe it or not this fixture was surprisingly difficult to pick a wildcard because of how open this game is on paper. Both teams are in excellent form, West Ham haven’t lost at home since Leicester picked up three points, and Spurs have won their last six league games to keep pressures on the Foxes. Michail Antonio since being dropped into the West Ham main team has looked electric and if there is anyone to really cause the Spurs defence a problem it will the English winger who has proved to be a great buy for the Hammers. No defensive option looks safe in this match, both teams are in fine goal-scoring moods and will be looking to attack at one another all the time, especially because West Ham will be looking to settle their record with Spurs by beating them at their ground one last time and stopping them on their title charge. Antonio is a likely scorer and our wildcard pick for this game.

Last Three 25 – SOU (A) – 2pts

26 – NOR (A) – 2pts

27 – SUN (H) – 11pts Next Three

28 – TOT (H) – 2nd March, 19:45pm

29 – EVE (A) – 5th March, 15:00pm

30 – N/A – Not playing.


Name: David Silva

Club: Manchester City

Position: Midfielder Price: £9.8mil Ownership: 4.5%

After winning the League Cup against Liverpool on penalties the whole Manchester City squad will be out again to prove their worth against the club they recently defeated for silverware. The Spaniard David Silva looked bright and was changing the game every time he got on the ball, allowing other plays in and messing with the heads of Liverpool’s makeshift defence. No defensive options are applicable in this game, in the last seven encounters no team has kept a clean sheet in this fixture so looking for points will come in the form of the best available wildcard attackers, and Silva is currently the best available. This game could be an open affair once again with Liverpool looking to avenge their recent loss at Wembley, but the Citizens have even more reason to push on and deal a double blow at Anfield.

Last Three 25 – SUN (A) – 3pts

26 – LEI (H) – 2pts

27 – TOT (H) – 2pts Next Three

28 – LIV (A) – 2nd March, 20:00pm

29 – AVL (H) – 5th March, 15:00pm

30 – NOR (A) – 12th March, 12:45pm


Name: Marcus Rashford

Club: Manchester United

Position: Forward Price: £4.5mil Ownership: 0.6%

To every neutral out there is was a fresh of breathe air to see an academy talent get his chance in the main squad and make a difference, what a dream it must be for newbie Marcus Rashford to make Arsenal’s defence appear ordinary and mundane. For obvious reasons due to the impact he has made since being introduced in last week’s Europa League fixtures he makes the cut for wildcard pick this week. He is cheap, plays for a major club, and is in our eyes un-droppable from the Red Devil’s main team in this moment. General Van Gaal would be foolish not to play him again and trouble defences trouble with his running, speed, and awareness in the box which got him two goals against Wenger’s woeful Arsenal side. Normally picking a wildcard for Manchester United is difficult on account of selection issues, and to that ends Rashford is a refreshing sight for sore eyes.

Last Three 25 – CHE (A) – 0pts

26 – SUN (A) – 0pts

27 – ARS (H) – 16pts Next Three

28 – WAT (H) – 2nd March, 20:00pm

29 – WBA (A) – 6th March, 16:00pm

30 – N/A – Not playing.

For all GW 28 build up, check out the Weekly Hype page now.

All aboard.


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