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Polling Station Results for Double Gameweek Fixtures

Much like the current state of American politics, and in particular the race for the presidency, the Fantasy Premier League is deliberating great change. Dramatic, we know, but in light of additional matches that will pepper overall scores by a potentially big margin, millions of teams are set to gamble with their squads. Established players from Spurs and Leicester are now on the chopping blocks, and for a limited period there is the case for a high volume of Everton, Crystal Palace, and Man United players, among other teams. The downside is a fixture-list conflict that exists between now and the end of the season. The Hype Train asked our FPL community on Twitter what they thought would happen in the upcoming fixtures. Here's their answers.

BPL Fixtures (GWs 33-38)

There's just seven Gameweek's left of the season, 77 games, and three Double Gameweek's to contend with before the 2015/16 season is all wrapped up into nice ball, and football fans within the FPL can get excited for the European Championships in France, glad that their is no worry of their fantasy players picking up injuries or suspensions before the start of the new season.

Below are the TV fixtures for the rest of the season. The only graphic that bears changing is the GW37 fixtures, with May's televised games yet to be announced.

Double Gameweek 33 Insight: Crystal Palace & Everton

By next weekend, based off digging and gut feeling, most of the active players in the FPL are going to play their second wildcard before the close of the GW33 deadline. Two teams feature twice in said Gameweek; Everton and Crystal Palace. The former is heavily inconsistent, whilst the latter just can't string together a point, let alone a win. The bigger picture will see players activate their wildcard for GW33, so they can play a chip such as bench boost or triple captain for DGW34, but there is the potential for big points when Crystal Palace entertain Everton in the additional fixture. We analyse the FPL options for both teams, looking at the pros and cons regarding their inclusion. All aboard?

To read our in-depth article about Palace and Everton, click here, or on the graphic below with cover stars Romelu Lukaku and Wayne Hennessey.

FPL Insight: Daniel Sturridge & Liverpool

Recently we were asked about the potential of Daniel Sturridge for the upcoming double gameweeks; the man seemingly made of glass has recovered from his injuries and is getting more minutes under Jürgen Klopp. The Hype Train evaluates if Sturridge is a valuable wildcard asset, whilst also reviewing the position Liverpool are in for the rest of the season.

To read our feature on D Studge and Liverpool, click here, or on the graphic with its namesake cover star.

Double Gameweek Fixtures: Poll Results

We conducted a series of 17 polls the weeks of football ahead on March 22nd 2016 and allowed the polls to run for one week. Our thousand plus strong community have engaged with us and have laid the Smackdown with their verdict regarding the Gameweek. Bare in mind that these polls commenced before Mesut Ozil became a lost soul on the side of a milk cartoon.

For more exclusive content, FPL related graphics, and weekly polls, our Twitter account @RealHypeTrain is the regular hub of our online social activity.

Don't want to listen to the people?

If you're playing your wildcard right now, our team will be available all week if you' like to ask us about player selection for your teams. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us at our primary social source, @RealHypeTrain. We'll gladly help with any dilemmas and questions you may have.

All aboard.


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