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Weekly Wildcards: Gameweek Thirty-Three

Every week The Hype Train analyses the best wildcard options for your Fantasy Premier League teams. Historically weekly dream team’s comprise of mostly wildcard players whose selection falls under 5% of overall players, to which there is no doubt that their influence cannot be ignored. With such an abundance of points coming from the FPL’s hidden gems The Hype Train selects one player from each match in the upcoming gameweek to decide who could be the differential for your teams.


How can we describe GW32? Confusing? Bizarre? Or just more of the same? Only one player had produced among some smart shouts, Timm Klose’s opener against Newcastle started the week so brightly but then nothing produced from anyone else. Only eight players featured after Cahill was dropped to debutant Matt Miazga and Shane Long was dropped in favour of Pelle who has returned to form, he didn’t even come off the bench. At least we got one, we thank that’s good.

Gary Cahill: 0pts Danny Welbeck: 2pts Matt Ritchie: 2pts Timm Klose: 7pts

Philipp Wollscheid: 1pt

Jermain Defoe: 2pts Adrian: 1pt Adam Lallana: 2pts Shane Long: 0pts Marcus Rashford: 2pts

Gameweek 32 Average Points: 47pts

Gameweek 32 Wildcard Points: 19pts


The dream team once against features more wildcards than heavily selected players, which is of no surprise to anyone at The Hype Train, however, what did surprise us was that all four defensive options (not including goalkeeper) were non-wildcards, this might be the first week that this has happened. The forward players and midfielders were all wildcards except Alexis Sanchez, but to see five defenders actually pull through the majority of players is a first. Since recording the dream team’s normally the attackers are non-wildcards and the defence make up the bulk of the wildcard players, how the tables have turned. That said all of the players (maybe not Howson) have shown they can be great value for their price-tag.

Wildcards: Foster, Pedro, Howson, Lanzini, Mitrovic, Pato (6)

Non-Wildcards: Morgan, Bellerin, Azpilicueta, Fuchs, Sanchez (5)

Points achieved by wildcards: 68pts

Points achieved by non-wildcards: 64pts


For Gameweek Thirty-Three we are once again selecting ten wildcards, one for each game. Same rules apply: the players we choose must not be selected by more than five percent of the games players. We start in order of the games listed on the official Fantasy Premier League site.

The wildcard options selection percentage is accurate as of Friday 08/04/2016.


Name: Manuel Lanzini

Club: West Ham

Position: Midfielder Price: £4.9mil Ownership: 1.2%

Both of these two London teams are approaching the double gameweek and both West Ham and Arsenal can be optimistic this season. One thing managers will be looking out for is budget options in midfield to buffer their squads for GW34. Manuel Lanzini is one such option, since returning from injury he has returned to superb form and is the difference maker in the goals department for the Hammers, and when playing he is just as good an option as Payet due to his incredible value. Arsenal will be a tough team to break down but they aren’t invincible at the back and with a potent attack and having already thwarted the Gunners earlier in the season we expect West Ham to cause Arsene Wenger’s side plenty of problems.

Last Three 30 – EVE (A) – 2pts

31 – CHE (A) – 9pts

32 – CRY (H) – 10pts

Next Three

33 – ARS (H) – 9th April, 12:45pm

34 – LEI (A) – 17th April, 13:30pm

34 – WAT (H) – 20th April, 19:45pm


Name: Max Gradel

Club: AFC Bournemouth

Position: Midfielder Price: £5.7mil Ownership: 0.2%

Aston Villa showed their relegation quality when Chelsea rocked up and put four past them in the last gameweek, and now we turn out heads to Aston Villa who are good as down at this point. When looking at potential Bournemouth players we had to consider who the main threats were, the danger men, and Max Gradel topped that list. Of high calibre, the pacey Ivorian has hurt defences when he hasn’t been injured, and against the league’s worst defence you have a solid bet in the winger to do damage against a struggling Villains.

Last Three 30 – SWA (H) – 11pts

31 – TOT (A) – 2pts

32 – MCI (H) – 2pts

Next Three

33 – AVL (A) – 9th April, 15:00pm

34 – LIV (H) – 17th April, 13:30pm

35 – CHE (H) – 23rd April, 15:00pm


Name: Yannick Bolasie

Club: Crystal Palace

Position: Midfielder Price: £6.0mil Ownership: 3.9%

Speaking of danger men we come to one of the two picks for the first double gameweek, this turn we look at Alan Pardew’s Crystal Palace who has two home games, the first against Norwich, and the second against Everton. The most dangerous Eagle is without question Yannick Bolasie, he makes the whole team tick and can be utilised as a striker. Yannick also has a fantastic record against the Toffees, and in general Merseyside clubs so he will be well known to the Everton defence. Bolasie is reasonably priced and if there is anyone involved in a goal from the forwards of Crystal Palace then the man from the Congo is your safe bet.

Last Three 30 – LIV (H) – 2pts

31 – LEI (H) – 2pts

32 – WHU (A) – 2pts

Next Three

33 – NOR (H) – 9th April, 15:00pm

33 – EVE (H) – 13th April, 20:00pm

34 – ARS (A) – 17th April, 16:00pm


Name: Fraser Forster

Club: Southampton

Position: Goalkeeper Price: £5.1mil Ownership: 4.9%

Southampton’s Fraser Forster must be smiling, he is welcoming one of the teams with a terrible away record. Newcastle is in serious trouble, they have been all season, and after spending money they are still in the same precarious situation. Southampton have the quality to keep them at bay, the Toon may cause them some problems but based on their form all season Newcastle will be hard pressed from the get-go in this fixture. Forster may have little to do in this match which makes this an easy wildcard pick. Newcastle are favourites to join Aston Villa in dropping down to the Championship, and fixtures like this against top keepers and defences will be the reason.

Last Three 30 – STK (A) – 2pts

31 – LIV (H) – 3pts

32 – LEI (A) – 3pts

Next Three

33 – NEW (H) – 9th April, 15:00pm

34 – EVE (A) – 16th April, 15:00pm

35 – AVL (A) – 23rd April, 15:00pm


Name: Alexandre Pato

Club: Chelsea

Position: Forward Price: £6.9mil Ownership: 0.2%

The wait was worth the while, that is what every Chelsea fan will be saying after the new Brazilian forward scored and assisted in the victory over Aston Villa. With Diego Costa on the side-lines and Loic Remy injured (surprise) the maverick forward will get another crack at the whip in Hiddink’s revitalized Chelsea. The Blues travel to Swansea who are having a patchy run of form, and although they perform better at home, Chelsea have looked more like the threat they were in the first half of last season with a free flowing attack. Even if for a week this would be a solid bet at picking a striker before the big double gameweek, which unfortunately Chelsea do not feature in until GW37, and by that time Pato may be relegated back to the bench.

Last Three 30 – STK (H) – 0pts

31 – WHU (H) – 0pts

32 – AVL (A) – 10pts

Next Three

33 – SWA (A) – 9th April, 15:00pm

34 – MCI (H) – 16th April, 17:30pm

35 – BOU (A) – 23rd April, 15:00pm


Name: Joel Robles

Club: Everton

Position: Goalkeeper Price: £4.3mil Ownership: 1.6%

The second of the two double gameweek teams is Everton; they have two away games against Watford and Crystal Palace. Joel Robles is a budget goalkeeping option, who has usurped the usual number one Tim Howard to the keeper jersey at Everton. Because he is so cheap a risk can be taken on his in two games, the worst he can do you is potentially get four points based on appearance, but these are both winnable fixtures for Everton who actually fair better away from home. The better news is that Robles is also in GW34 so you wouldn’t even need to drop him from your teams.

Last Three 30 – WHU (H) – 0pts

31 – ARS (H) – 1pt

32 – MUN (A) – 2pts

Next Three

33 – WAT (A) – 9th April, 15:00pm

33 – CRY (A) – 13th April, 20:00pm

34 – SOU (H) – 16th April, 15:00pm


Name: Gael Clichy

Club: Manchester City

Position: Defender Price: £5.3mil Ownership: 1.1%

With Kolarov being relegated to being an impact player from the bench the French left-back Gael Clichy has impressed at left-back and looks set to continue his involvement in the first team for this week and also the double gameweek. Manchester City have recaptured some of that defensive charm that have FPL players purring in excitement, and Clichy represents great value for his price is a usually reliable defence at home. The Citizens also feature in GW34 where they have two matches, so Clichy would be a wise option as he would figure into much bigger plans.

Last Three 30 – NOR (6) – 6pts

31 – MUN (2) – 2pts

32 – BOU (6) – 6pts

Next Three

33 – WBA (H) – 9th April, 17:30pm

34 – CHE (A) – 16th April, 17:30pm

35 – NEW (A) – 19th April, 19:45pm


Name: Danny Drinkerwater

Club: Leicester

Position: Midfielder Price: £4.6mil Ownership: 2.3%

Quite honestly we don’t see any Sunderland players as viable options in this fixture, so we have gone for someone who can provide a little bit of graft, and luck. Danny Drinkwater has been capable of producing magic for the Foxes this season as his extraordinary season continues. Leicester is scoring fewer goals, but when they do they are of even greater significance. Drinkwater could be the ace in the hole this week; this selection is based on a leap of faith that Ranieri’s side are going to continue producing even more magical moments.

Last Three 30 – NEW (H) – 3pts

31 – CRY (A) – 3pts

32 – SOU (H) – 2pts

Next Three

33 – SUN (A) – 10th April

34 – WHU (H) – 17th April

35 – SWA (H) – 24th April


Name: Daniel Sturridge

Club: Liverpool

Position: Forward Price: £9.9mil Ownership: 1.7%

Liverpool are in a good moment are picking up a vital away goal in their pursuit of the Europa League crown. Even better news for FPL managers is that Sturridge was used sparingly and will start the fixture against Stoke City well rested. We recently featured the man with the dance in a special review and as seen in his last two fixtures he is capable of producing whenever he has played. With the Potters up in GW33 the Reds then go into GW34 with two fixtures against Bournemouth and Everton which will be seen as fixtures Liverpool can do well in. Sturridge is once again an option and has the quality to produce points for any FPL manager.

Last Three 29 – CRY (A) – 0pts

31 – SOU (A) – 7pts

32 – TOT (H) – 5pts

Next Three

33 – STK (H) – 10th April, 16:00pm

34 – BOU (A) – 17th April, 13:30pm

35 – EVE (H) – 20th April, 20:00pm


Name: Kevin Wimmer

Club: Spurs

Position: Defender Price: £4.6mil Ownership: 0.5%

Spurs season has taken a slight slip at Anfield, the draw with the Reds may have not been ideal but they have the opportunity to prove their title credentials against the Luis Van Gaal army when they visit White Hart Lane this weekend. We have chosen Wimmer because Manchester United struggle for goals, but they also know how to keep it compact, so it is a safe option. Wimmer is also very well priced for a Spurs defender this season; we can’t believe he is actually a wildcard. Under the pretence that there will be few goals and an opportunity for both teams to keep clean sheets we believe the Spurs back four to be great options for the week.

Last Three 30 – AVL (A) – 6pts

31 – BOU (H) – 6pts

32 – LIV (A) – 2pts

Next Three

33 – MUN (H) – 10th April, 16:00pm

34 – STK (A) – 18th April, 20:00pm

35 – WBA (H) – 25th April, 20:00pm

For all GW33 build up, check out the Weekly Hype page now.

All aboard.


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