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FPL CHIPS: Fantasy Booking New Additions to the FPL

The addition of 'Chips' was a new addition to the Fantasy Premier League for the 2016/17 season. In addition to changing the 'Wildcard' system to one per half-season, 3 shiny Chips altered the state of play for over 3.7 million players. The All Out Attack, the Bench Boost, and the Triple Captain, made their way to the fantasy table, with a slightly positive (but mostly mixed response). The Hype Train theorises new chips and general Fantasy Premier League ideas that could be utilised for the 2016/17 FPL season. All aboard.

Hype Train Season Awards: Favourite Chip of the Season

The 2015/16 FPL season saw the addition of extra 'chips' to help provide FPL players with potential boosts to their teams. Mostly reserved for Double Gameweek options, we asked how you rated the Triple Captaincy, the Bench Boost, and the All Out Attack. Alternatively, we also threw in the option to dislike all of the chips.

The Nominees:

All Out Attack

Triple Captain

Bench Boost


Triple Captaincy wins the day, but was unable to get 50% of the vote. For us, the jury is still out on the three additional 'chips' Do you think the FPL should add or take away Chips? We'll be discussing this below.

FPL Chip Ideas for the 2016/17 Season

Our official stance on Chips is that if the FPL Gods (aka EA Sports, Opta, and the Premier League) decided to randomly remove the use of Chips, we wouldn't be too fussed. The Chips we would like to introduce wouldn't change your teams drastically, but it would seek to enhance the players that you'd currently have at the time.

We are very big on rewarding active, season-long players, and would very much love to see a 'progression' system of play involved. That would mean unlocking certain perks (much like you would in a Video Game like Fallout 4) over the course of the season. This would include hitting milestones such as successful captains, goals scored, points earned, weekly global ranking bonus for the top, top players. The list could be endless. This way it has the changes to immerse players even more more with game, without ripping apart your team for a Double Gameweek, and watching your hard work implode immediately after.

Check out some of our Chip ideas below, and if you think we have missed out on anything, or if you have your own ideas, get in touch with us via email or our Twitter page - @RealHypeTrain

What about other ideas for the 2016/17 FPL Season?

Aside from Chips, there are some obvious changes that we could like, in addition to a general refresh of the home page. The FPL should be uploading its weekly EA sponsored videos onto the homepage after you log in, and should take or use more inspiration from its passionate community (but hey, that's just us being biased).

See below for a few ideas that could improve the FPL experience.

Want to know more about The Hype Train?

The Hype Train is an entertainment website founded in 2015 specialising in the Fantasy Premier League (#FPL), providing beautiful graphics and weekly insight for hopeful players attempting to climb ranking tables. We are also occasional media reviewers, with a keen interest to review movies, television, live music, festivals, and any relevant topic in the public eye.

You can follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, or visit our website at

All aboard.


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