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POWER RANKINGS 2016/17: FPL Gameweek's 12-13

Over the course of the season The Hype Train is taking a look into the standards and expectations of each team in the form of a Power Rankings system. The following is based on the research, opinion, and form of players and teams in the Premier league. This respective look at a game played by over three million players isn't perfect, and is a perfect avenue for further discussion on our Social Media accounts. Without further delay let’s take a look from the high flyers to the cesspoolers after Gameweek 12 and prior to Gameweek 13. All aboard.


Goal Threat: High - Medium - Low

Clean Sheet Potential: High - Medium - Low

FPL Points Returns: Reliable - Semi-consistent - Inconsistent

FPL Form: High - Medium - Low

Any in-form players?: Player Names

Next 5 Fixtures: Great - Good - Questionable - Very Questionable - Terrible



Previous Power Rankings Position: 2/20 (+1)

Goal Threat: High

Clean Sheet Potential: High

FPL Points Returns: Reliable

FPL Form: High

Any in-form players?: Courtois, Azpilicueta, Cahill, Alonso, Pedro, Hazard, Costa

Next 5 Fixtures: TOT (h), MCI (a), WBA (h), SUN (a), CRY (a)

Chelsea are above Liverpool simply because of Liverpool’s shortfalls. Liverpool have the best midfield, but amongst the worst defences and forward lines (FPL wise) in the league. Chelsea’s defenders excelled with a 6th straight clean sheet, and Costa cemented himself as the best forward in the league with his 10th goal of the season.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is Costa’s positive discipline, failing to earn a 5th yellow card of the season, and successfully walking the suspension tightrope week by week.

Chelsea face perhaps the 2 hardest games one can imagine in a row, with unbeaten Spurs visit, and a visit to Man City, so it could be an interesting few weeks. Nonetheless. Chelsea are the team to beat, and are deservedly top.


Previous Power Rankings Position: 1/20 (-1)

Goal Threat: High

Clean Sheet Potential: Low

FPL Points Returns: Reliable

FPL Form: High

Any in-form players?: Coutinho, Mane, Firmino, Karius

Next 5 Fixtures: SUN (h), BOU (a), WHU (h), MID (a), EVE (a)

We warned that Liverpool would drop out of the top spot should Chelsea come out strong against Middlesbrough, and Liverpool decided that for us. Fantasy players rely on Liverpool midfielders, with Clyne the exception at 10.2% ownership. Liverpool disappointed where the points matter this week, Chelsea didn’t. Its tight margins at the top of the league, the Power Rankings included.

3) Spurs

Previous Power Rankings Position: 4/20 (+1)

Goal Threat: High

Clean Sheet Potential: High

FPL Points Returns: Semi-consistent

FPL Form: Medium to High

Any in-form players?: Kane, the Defensive (kind of)

Next 5 Fixtures: CHE (a), SWA (h), MUN (a), HUL (h), BUR (h)

Harry Kane is back to his familiar best, having notched 21 points in the FPL over the last 2 Gameweek’s. 13 Points against West Ham and 8 against Arsenal, with 3 goals, is a huge return to form, and en expected one given how prolific Kane has been in the Premier League since his debut (yes we still remember his first assist against West Ham two seasons ago in a 1-0 away win thanks to Eric Dier). Son has also been

Spurs leapfrog Arsenal, but the squad now haven’t kept a clean sheet in 3 games, Toby Alderweireld is still a question mark, there’s Champions League against Monaca. There are definite concerns, but Spurs are riding the storm in the league.

13 not out.

4) Arsenal

Previous Power Rankings Position: 3/20 (-1)

Goal Threat: High

Clean Sheet Potential: Medium to High

FPL Points Returns: Reliable

FPL Form: Medium

Any in-form players?: Ozil, Sanchez, Walcott

Next 5 Fixtures: BOU (h), WHU (a), STK (h), EVE (a), MCI (a)

Arsenal have come away from 2 games in the Premier League without anything to show for in the FPL, besides a Mesut Ozil assist. Wenger’s side face European action against P$G in the week, have seen popular choice Bellerin injured, have injury doubts over Walcott Sanchez, whilst Giroud and Sanchez are causing an FPL points roadblock. There are a few alarm bells with injuries and consistency heading into December. Typical Arsenal.

The 1-1 draws against Spurs and Man United are hardly inspiring, especially for FPL players, who have seen Kane’s recent exploits see their London rivals jumps ahead of them in the Power Rankings.


Previous Power Rankings Position: 5/20 (Non-Mover)

Goal Threat: High

Clean Sheet Potential: Low

FPL Points Returns: Semi-Reliable

FPL Form: Good

Any in-form players?: KDB

Next 5 Fixtures: BUR (a), CHE (h), LEI (a), WAT (h), ARS (h)

Man City have been rooted in 5th position for the past 3 editions of the Power Rankings, and they’ll probably remain in this position until the squad explodes into goals. The squad is struggling to score against lower half sides, and just remember this is a run of fixtures that astute FPL social experts thought was the Era of Aguero. It’s not to be, with Aguero more likely to get a yellow card than a goal at the minute. Another blank for Aguero isn’t surprising with Yaya eating up his forward space.

De Bruyne is the only reliable in the City squad currently with an assist in each of the last 3 Premier League games – after Gundogan’s failure to even play against Palace, and if it was not for Austin not registering any meaningful points, the Sky Blues would have been uprooted in the table.


Previous Power Rankings Position: 6/20 (Non-Mover)

Goal Threat: Medium to High

Clean Sheet Potential: High

FPL Points Returns: Semi-Reliable

FPL Form: Medium

Any in-form players?: Austin, van Dijk

Next 5 Fixtures: EVE (h), CRY (a), MID (h), STK (a), BOU (a)

Fantasy players have become assured that Liverpool midfielders would destroy Southampton, but that was never to be the case. Liverpool lacked a killer edge against the Saints, but whenever they did look dangerous, Southampton’s increasingly reliable defenders have come to the rescue. Virgil van Dijk was our man of the match against Liverpool, stopping Mane and Firmino from striking when the iron is hot. Austin didn’t get the business done, but somebody usually does from a Fantasy element, hence the retention of 6th place in the Power Rankings.


Previous Power Rankings Position: 8/20 (+1)

Goal Threat: Medium to High

Clean Sheet Potential: High

FPL Points Returns: Inconsistent

FPL Form: Good

Any in-form players?: Chadli, Phillips, Rondon

Next 5 Fixtures: HUL (a), WAT (h), CHE (a), SWA (h), MUN (h)

Before destroying Burnley 4-0 at home, West Brom didn’t keep a clean sheet since GW3’s 0-0 draw away at Middlesbrough. In addition, The Baggies have failed to score in just 3/12 games this season. WBA have also only lost 2 games from their last 8 games, with their losses predictably coming against Liverpool and Man City.

West Brom are in a good vein of form, which is why we’ve raised them again in the Power Rankings. Burnley, Hull, and Watford, are also to follow in the league, which means West Brom defensive assets will be at ease in the weeks to come, and there’s even more chance to rise up in the rankings.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.


Previous Power Rankings Position: 7/20 (-1)

Goal Threat: High

Clean Sheet Potential: Low to Medium

FPL Points Returns: Inconsistent

FPL Form: Medium to Good

Any in-form players?: Lukaku, Bolasie

Next 5 Fixtures: SOU (a), MUN (h), WAT (a), ARS (h), LIV (h)

Everton slide in the Power Rankings for a second time on the spin after an unconvincing home draw against Swansea. Lukaku wasn’t the only big name not to perform for Gameweek 12, most captaincy options failed. In Swansea, Everton had the perfect chance to get a big win under their belts, and for Lukaku to continue his hot streak, but didn’t. The plaudits ended up falling to Sheamus Coleman, who has a habit of finding FPL points this season.


Previous Power Rankings Position: 10/20 (+1)

Goal Threat: Low to Medium

Clean Sheet Potential: Medium

FPL Points Returns: Inconsistent

FPL Form: Medium

Any in-form players?: Holebas, Gomes, Capoue

Next 5 Fixtures: STK (h), WBA (a), EVE (h), MCI (a), SUN (a)

Capoue scored.

Deeney assist.

Holebas is back from suspension.

A home fixture against a Stoke side without the suspended Joe Allen.

It’s a week to be on the rise for Watford. Dispatching the Champions with relative ease in their home victory over Leicester, the Hornets now look forward to another home tie against Stoke. FPL players will likely play Holebas and Capoue against The Potters if in their position, so what’s wrong with that?


Previous Power Rankings Position: 13/20 (+3)

Goal Threat: Medium

Clean Sheet Potential: Medium

FPL Points Returns: Inconsistent

FPL Form: Medium

Any in-form players?: Smith, Daniels, Francis

Next 5 Fixtures: ARS (a), LIV (h), BUR (a), LEI (h)

Bournemouth love playing hot potato, cold potato in the league. They struggle to find consistency in the Premier League, which goes for a lot of players and teams in and around the mid-table area. After 2 weeks of losing to Boro and Sunderland, the Cherries just went to one of the toughest grounds in the country, Stoke, and won comfortably. Ultimately aided by a penalty miss from Bojan, Bournemouth’s reliable defensive options came up trumps again, even without Adam Smith.


Previous Power Rankings Position: 14/20 (+3)

Goal Threat: Medium to High

Clean Sheet Potential: Low

FPL Points Returns: Reliable (in Defoe)

FPL Form: Medium

Any in-form players?: Defoe, Anichebe, Watmore

Next 5 Fixtures: LIV (a), LEI (h), SWA (a), CHE (h), WAT (h)

Two Power Rankings ago, Sunderland were in the relegation zone. Now, they’re in the top half of the table with the second most in-form forward in the league in Defoe (who himself is behind Costa). Sunderland’s rise is purely down to Defoe’s 7 goals, which includes 3 goals and 2 assists from his last 3 league games. Victor Anichebe, a physical monster of a football player, has seen his career resurgence continue with a brace against a doomed Hull side. Their position in the top half of our table is down to having an absolute essential option – and Defoe will have his qualities tested when Sunderland face Liverpool, Leicester, and Chelsea, amongst others in their next 5 games.


Previous Power Rankings Position: 9/20 (-3)

Goal Threat: Medium

Clean Sheet Potential: Medium

FPL Points Returns: Inconsistent

FPL Form: Medium

Any in-form players?: No

Next 5 Fixtures: WHU (h), EVE (a), TOT (h), CRY (a), WBA (a)

Yes, Man United are this low on the Power Rankings. Objectively, it’s justified. Their players beside Zlatan (25% ownership) are either not featuring in active teams and United’s results haven’t justified a good finish. Clean sheets are at a premium. Premium forward option Zlatan has been outscored by a handful of cheaper alternatives, and their midfield really isn’t considering in the FPL until they show a little more consistency. If you wanted more justification, here’s our take on the matter, and why the teams above them are there:

West Brom have reliable defenders, a shot-stopping Foster, and an in-form Rondon.

Everton have Romelu Lukaku, cheaper, a more reliable than Zlatan.

Watford have Capoue finding the net again, and Holebas on the way back from suspension.

Sunderland have Jermain Defoe, PVA, and a resurgent Victor Anichebe.

Bournemouth have reliable defenders and Stanislas on the mend.

United have the chance to grow massively with some interesting ties on the horizon. With West Ham, Palace, Everton, Spurs, and West Brom, on the horizon, United will be in a big dog fight in the week ahead.


Previous Power Rankings Position: 11/20 (-2)

Goal Threat: Medium

Clean Sheet Potential: Medium

FPL Points Returns: Unreliable

FPL Form: Medium

Any in-form players?: Allen (even if suspended)

Next 5 Fixtures: WAT (a), BUR (h), ARS (a), SOU (h), LEI (h)

It’s been a couple of painful weeks in the FPL for the masses of players who have backed Joe Allen. In the last 3 weekends the Welshman has received 3 yellow cards to get suspended for an away day at Watford for GW13. He’s also managed just the 1 point from the last 2 games and has been playing a deeper role due to Bojan’s return. Without Allen it is slim pickings for Stoke in the FPL, and that’s all there is to say on the matter. They’re on the slide, for now, and much of the blame falls on Bojan, who missed a penalty against Bournemouth.


Previous Power Rankings Position: 12/20 (-2)

Goal Threat: Medium

Clean Sheet Potential: Medium

FPL Points Returns: Reliable (from Heaton)

FPL Form: Medium

Any in-form players?: Heaton, Vokes

Next 5 Fixtures: MCI (h), STK (a), BOU (H), WHU (a), TOT (a)

For every 0-0 draw at Old Trafford, and wonder performance by a goalkeeper in the form of Tom Heaton, you’ll inevitably get a 4-0 defeat with a zero point return. That’s how Keepers in the FPL work. They make up the smallest number of points in the game, so it’s never really worth changing them unless of a definite injury. Heaton and Burnley just had a bad night against a West Brom side that dominated them from start to finish. They inevitably drop some places in the Power Rankings as a result.


Previous Power Rankings Position: 17/20 (+2)

Goal Threat: Medium

Clean Sheet Potential: Low

FPL Points Returns: Unreliable

FPL Form: Low

Any in-form players?: Sigurdsson, Fabianski

Next 5 Fixtures: CRY (h), TOT (a), SUN (h), WBA (a), MID (a)

We paid close attention to Swansea’s away draw at Everton. The game, which resulted in a 1-1 draw, was perhaps not a fair reflection of what was witnessed. Swansea should have won the game comfortably in the first half, but a final end product is their biggest problem currently. Everton looked out of sorts until the final 10 minutes when they finally rallied and had Sheamus Coleman spare their blushes. Swansea’s biggest asset is of course Sigurdsson, who was a threat from every position.

Gylfi in particular is a mouth-watering prospect even when Swansea are deep in the mud of a relegation battle. The Iceland international is on penalties, free kicks, corners, and general set-piece opportunities. Gylfi’s delivery has provided 2 assists from the past 2 games, is still classified as a differential, and added a goal against Everton from the spot to further propel his importance to Swansea.

It’s a run that’s seen Swansea rise a couple of places in the Power Rankings, and heading into a good run of fixtures, Bradley’s got the opportunity to have the team firing on all fronts for FPL players.


Previous Power Rankings Position: 16/20 (Non-Mover)

Goal Threat: Low

Clean Sheet Potential: Medium

FPL Points Returns: Inconsistent

FPL Form: Medium

Any in-form players?: Gibson

Next 5 Fixtures: LEI (a), HUL (h), SOU (a), LIV (h), SWA (h)

Boro have found the defensive steel that was pivotal in the club getting promoted to the Premier League. You have to go back to Spurs’s 2-1 win at the Riverside to register the last time Boro conceded 2 goals in a game. They’ve conceded 4 goals in that time (against West Ham, Watford, Man City, and Chelsea) and have kept clean sheets against Arsenal and Bournemouth. The northern side are still low in the Power Rankings, a defeat against Chelsea is a defeat, but there is a lot of potential going into games against Leicester, Hull, and Southampton.

Ben Gibson, a defender, is Boro’s top points scorer in the FPL, with 44 points. The nearest player is Negredo on 40 points.


Previous Power Rankings Position: 15/20 (-2)

Goal Threat: Medium

Clean Sheet Potential: Low

FPL Points Returns: Inconsistent

FPL Form: Low

Any in-form players?: Zaha

Next 5 Fixtures: SWA (a), SOU (h), HUL (a), MUN (h), CHE (h)

It’s a big few weeks for Palace in the Premier League. Pardew’s future is in question. Big Sam is waiting in the wings, and there are three big, winnable games on the horizon because more testing tied at home to United and Chelsea. It’s only right Palace drop in the Power Rankings and hover just above the relegation zone. It could be a season which sees the Eagles drop a division, which would be a big loss to the league.


Previous Power Rankings Position: 18/20 (Non-Mover)

Goal Threat: Medium

Clean Sheet Potential: Low

FPL Points Returns: Unreliable

FPL Form: Low

Any in-form players?: Antonio

Next 5 Fixtures: MUN (a), ARS (h), LIV (a), BUR (h), HUL (h)

Antonio has managed a goal and an assist in his last 2 games, but Antonio’s recently departed The Hype Train of momentum, so it’s doubtful that a lot of players would have capitalised. The Englishman is owned by 9.4% of the FPL, but has suffered from negative transfers for the last six Gameweeks. Manuel Lanzini, another differential option we rate, only pops up when Noble’s not playing due to penalty kicks, but once again with 0.3% ownership, barely anybody is capitalising on the points. West Ham have a tricky run of games coming up which will make us think twice regarding their points potential.


Previous Power Rankings Position: 19/20 (Non-Mover)

Goal Threat: Medium

Clean Sheet Potential: Medium

FPL Points Returns: Unreliable

FPL Form: Low

Any in-form players?: No

Next 5 Fixtures: MID (h), SUN (a), MCI (h), BOU (a), STK (a)

GOAL – Mahrez

ASSIST - Vardy

That combo above hasn’t been heard in a while, and in fact is the first time since season the duo have combined for FPL points. There is genuine concern for Leicester in the league however. A European hangover is hitting the team hard and teams are preparing for ties with the Champions with ruthless precision. Leicester have a good run of fixtures, are showing glimpses of their potential, but are stuck under a glass ceiling currently. Until they smash through it, it’s likely they’ll remain in our Power Rankings relegation zone.


Previous Power Rankings Position: 20/20 (Non-Mover)

Goal Threat: Low

Clean Sheet Potential: Low

FPL Points Returns: Unreliable

FPL Form: Low

Any in-form players?: Snodgrass (very questionable, but occasionally reliable)

Next 5 Fixtures: WBA (h), MID (a), CRY (h), TOT (a), WHU (a)

We said that if Hull lost their match against Sunderland we might just pin them here at the bottom of the Power Rankings for the rest of the season. With absolutely nothing to offer the FPL, except for a Snodgrass points return once in a while, Hull look doomed. It’ll take a miracle for them to get any higher in our estimations. They were well and truly beaten by Sunderland. To make matters worse Hull have 3 away games in their next five, and despite facing West Brom, Boro, and Palace, in their next 3 fixtures, it’s an obvious comment to make, but we don’t fancy them in the league or the FPL.

To conclude, here's the Power Rankings table that The Hype Team had compiled for this week heading into Gameweek 13. In brackets indicates how many places each team has risen or fallen in our Power Rankings since the last round of games.

FPL Gameweek 12-13: Power Rankings 1-20

  1. Chelsea (+1)

  2. Liverpool (-1)

  3. Spurs (+1)

  4. Arsenal (-1)

  5. Man City (Non-mover)

  6. Southampton (Non-mover)

  7. West Brom (+1)

  8. Everton (-1)

  9. Watford (+1)

  10. Bournemouth (+3)

  11. Sunderland (+3)

  12. Man United (-3)

  13. Stoke (-2)

  14. Burnley (-2)

  15. Swansea (+2)

  16. Middlesbrough (Non-Mover)

  17. Crystal Palace (-2)

  18. West Ham (Non-Mover)

  19. Leicester (Non-Mover)

  20. Hull City (Non-Mover)

For comparison, here’s how the Power Rankings shaped up last week from Gameweek 11 to Gameweek 12.

FPL Gameweek 11-12: Power Rankings 1-20

  1. Liverpool (+2)

  2. Chelsea (+7)

  3. Arsenal (-2)

  4. Spurs (-2)

  5. Man City (Non-mover)

  6. Southampton (-2)

  7. Everton (-1)

  8. West Brom (-1)

  9. Man United (+1)

  10. Watford (-2)

  11. Stoke (+6)

  12. Burnley (+3)

  13. Bournemouth (-2)

  14. Sunderland (+5)

  15. Crystal Palace (-1)

  16. Middlesbrough (+4)

  17. Swansea (-5)

  18. West Ham (-5)

  19. Leicester (-3)

  20. Hull City (-2)

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