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POINTS BREAKDOWN: FPL Gameweek's 20-21

There’s a million different stats and figures you can find on the Fantasy Premier League this season, ranging from player form to the exact number of points by position. If you’re into the statistical element to the game, and who wouldn’t, it’s half the game to understand the statistical probability of your 15 players picking up points on a weekly basis, we’ve a treat for you heading into Gameweek 21. The one stat the FPL is yet to offer is a collation of points, to help have you differentiate. The Hype Team have spent hours tallying the exact points totals all 20 teams have managed so far this season, then break down points by position for Goalkeepers, Defenders, Midfielders, and Forwards. Strap in, we’re throwing numbers your way. All aboard.

Team Breakdown

First up we’ve added the exact tallies from all 20 clubs in the Premier League, and have highlighted their best player. Just for clarification ‘pts’ means points and in brackets is the number of players that have achieved the points totals. You’ll be familiar of this statistical analysis if you follow our Twitter account over at @RealHypeTrain.


GK: 65pts (11th)

DEF: 281pts (6th)

MID: 569pts (2nd)

FOR: 76pts (19th)

Overall Points: 991pts (4th)

Best Player: Alexis Sanchez (143pts)


GK: 69pts (10th)

DEF: 318pts (2nd)

MID: 357pts (9th)

FOR: 100pts (13th)

Overall Points: 844pts (8th)

Best Player: Charlie Daniels (88pts)


GK: 83pts (3rd)

DEF: 199pts (6th)

MID: 271pts 917th)

FOR: 159pts (4th)

Overall Points: 712pts (14th)

Best Player: Tom Heaton (80pts)


GK: 85pts (1st)

DEF: 378pts (1st)

MID: 490pts (4th)

FOR: 143pts (6th)

Overall Points: 1096pts (1st)

Best Player: Diego Costa (123pts)


GK: 44pts (20th)

DEF: 180pts (18th)

MID: 359pts (8th)

FOR: 99pts (14th)

Overall Points: 682pts (16th)

Best Player: Wilfried Zaha (88pts)


GK: 85pts (2nd)

DEF: 287pts (5th)

MID: 337pts (13th)

FOR: 147pts (5th)

Overall Points: 856pts (7th)

Best Player: Romelu Lukaku (110pts)


GK: 54pts (19th)

DEF: 112pts (20th)

MID: 324pts (14th)

FOR: 96pts (15th)

Overall Points: 586pts (20th)

Best Player: Robert Snodgrass (94pts)


GK: 64pts (13th)

DEF: 201pts (14th)

MID: 248pts (18th)

FOR: 199pts (2nd)

Overall Points: 712pts (15th)

Best Player: Riyad Mahrez (65pts)


GK: 72pts (7th)

DEF: 220pts (13th)

MID: 657pts (1st)

FOR: 87pts (16th)

Overall Points: 1036pts (2nd)

Best Player: Sadio Mane (113pts)


GK: 64pts (14th)

DEF: 228pts (12th)

MID: 473pts (5th)

FOR: 129pts (7th)

Overall Points: 894pts (6th)

Best Player: Kevin De Bruyne (94pts)


GK: 71pts (8th)

DEF: 306pts (3rd)

MID: 343pts (12th)

FOR: 200pts (1st)

Overall Points: 920pts (5th)

Best Player: Zlatan Ibrahimovic (123pts)


GK: 73pts (6th)

DEF: 265pts (8th)

MID: 287pts (16th)

FOR: 121pts (11th)

Overall Points: 746pts (12th)

Best Player: Alvaro Negredo (76pts)


GK: 63pts (16th)

DEF: 271pts (7th)

MID: 363pts (7th)

FOR: 82pts (18th)

Overall Points: 779pts (10th)

Best Player: Virgil van Dijk (72pts)


GK: 79pts (4th)

DEF: 301pts (4th)

MID: 516pts (3rd)

FOR: 122pts (10th)

Overall Points: 1018pts (3rd)

Best Player: Dele Alli (115pts)


GK: 76pts (5th)

DEF: 263pts (9th)

MID: 349pts (11th)

FOR: 86pts (17th)

Overall Points: 774pts (11th)

Best Player: Joe Allen (78pts)


GK: 64pts (15th)

DEF: 200pts (15th)

MID: 179pts (20th)

FOR: 166pts (3rd)

Overall Points: 609pts (19th)

Best Player: Jermain Defoe (113pts)


GK: 56pts (17th)

DEF: 164pts (19th)

MID: 314pts (15th)

FOR: 126pts (9th)

Overall Points: 660pts (18th)

Best Player: Gylfi Sigurdsson (92pts)


GK: 56pts (18th)

DEF: 239pts (11th)

MID: 242pts (19th)

FOR: 128pts (8th)

Overall Points: 665pts (17th)

Best Player: Etienne Capoue (83pts)


GK: 65pts (12th)

DEF: 261pts (10th)

MID: 350pts (10th)

FOR: 115pts (12th)

Overall Points: 791pts (9th)

Best Player: Matt Phillips (100pts)


GK: 71pts (9th)

DEF: 182pts (17th)

MID: 415pts (6th)

FOR: 60pts (20th)

Overall Points: 728pts (13th)

Best Player: Michail Antonio (89pts)

Table Breakdown

Once we tallied together the overall points from every position for every club, we asked what would that means for alternative points tables. See below for an Overall Points Table, then individual tables for the 4 positions available to us in the FPL: Goalkeeper, Defenders, Midfielders, and Forwards.

Overall FPL Points Table

  1. Chelsea: 1096pts

  2. Liverpool: 1036pts

  3. Spurs: 1018pts

  4. Arsenal: 991pts

  5. Man United: 920pts

  6. Man City: 894pts

  7. Everton: 856pts

  8. Bournemouth: 844pts

  9. West Brom: 791pts

  10. Southampton: 779pts

  11. Stoke: 774pts

  12. Middlesbrough: 746pts

  13. West Ham: 728pts

  14. Burnley: 712pts

  15. Leicester: 712pts

  16. Crystal Palace: 682pts

  17. Watford: 665pts

  18. Swansea: 660pts

  19. Sunderland: 609pts

  20. Hull: 596pts

Goalkeeper Total: 1,359 points (8.44%)

Defender Total: 4,866 points (30.21%)

Midfielder Total: 7,443 points (46.21%)

Forward Total: 2,438 points (15.14%)

OVERALL TOTAL: 16,106 points

Overall FPL Goalkeeper Table

  1. Chelsea: 85pts

  2. Everton: 85pts

  3. Burnley: 83pts

  4. Spurs: 79pts

  5. Stoke: 76pts

  6. Middlesbrough: 73pts

  7. Liverpool: 72pts

  8. Man United: 71pts

  9. West Ham: 71pts

  10. Bournemouth: 69pts

  11. Arsenal: 65pts

  12. West Brom: 65pts

  13. Leicester: 64pts

  14. Man City: 64pts

  15. Sunderland: 64pts

  16. Southampton: 63pts

  17. Swansea: 56pts

  18. Watford: 56pts

  19. Hull: 54pts

  20. Crystal Palace: 44pts

OVERALL GK TOTAL: 1,359 points

Overall FPL Defender Table

  1. Chelsea: 378pts

  2. Bournemouth: 318pts

  3. Man United: 306pts

  4. Spurs: 301pts

  5. Everton: 287pts

  6. Arsenal: 281pts

  7. Southampton: 271pts

  8. Middlesbrough: 265pts

  9. Stoke: 263pts

  10. West Brom: 261pts

  11. Watford: 239pts

  12. Man City: 228pts

  13. Liverpool: 220pts

  14. Leicester: 201pts

  15. Sunderland: 200pts

  16. Burnley: 199pts

  17. West Ham: 182pts

  18. Crystal Palace: 180pts

  19. Swansea: 164pts

  20. Hull: 112pts

OVERALL DEF TOTAL: 4,866 points

Overall FPL Midfielder Table

  1. Liverpool: 657pts

  2. Arsenal: 569pts

  3. Spurs: 516pts

  4. Chelsea: 490pts

  5. Man City: 473pts

  6. West Ham: 415pts

  7. Southampton: 363pts

  8. Crystal Palace: 359pts

  9. Bournemouth: 357pts

  10. West Brom: 350pts

  11. Stoke: 349pts

  12. Man United: 343pts

  13. Everton: 337pts

  14. Hull: 324pts

  15. Swansea: 314pts

  16. Middlesbrough: 287pts

  17. Burnley: 271pts

  18. Leicester: 248pts

  19. Watford: 242pts

  20. Sunderland: 179pts

OVERALL MID TOTAL: 7,443 points

Overall FPL Forwards Table

  1. Man United: 200pts

  2. Leicester: 199pts

  3. Sunderland: 166pts

  4. Burnley: 159pts

  5. Everton: 147pts

  6. Chelsea: 143pts

  7. Man City: 129pts

  8. Watford: 128pts

  9. Swansea: 126pts

  10. Spurs: 122pts

  11. Middlesbrough: 121pts

  12. West Brom: 115pts

  13. Bournemouth: 100pts

  14. Crystal Palace: 99pts

  15. Hull: 96pts

  16. Liverpool: 87pts

  17. Stoke: 86pts

  18. Southampton: 82pts

  19. Arsenal: 76pts

  20. West Ham: 60pts

OVERALL FOR TOTAL: 2,438 points

Bonus Points Table

The one aspect of the FPL that takes can often make or break your evening, is the award of bonus points. There’s been a case in recent weeks of players scoring 12+ points in one Gameweek (Mane vs. Watford) who walk away with nothing. Here’s a club by club rundown on the Bonus Points Table. In brackets is the top performing bonus points performer(s) from each club.

Overall Bonus Points Table

  1. Chelsea: 93pts (Costa, 19pts)

  2. Liverpool: 93pts (Lallana, 13pts)

  3. Man City: 92pts (Aguero, 18pts)

  4. Man United: 90pts (Ibrahimovic, 23pts)

  5. Arsenal: 84pts (Sanchez, 14pts)

  6. Spurs: 84pts (Eriksen & Kane, 14pts)

  7. Everton: 78pts (Lukaku, 19pts)

  8. Bournemouth: 65pts (Daniels, 12pts)

  9. Southampton: 62pts (van Dijk, 14pts)

  10. Stoke: 60pts (Allen, 9pts)

  11. Middlesbrough: 58pts (Negredo, 11pts)

  12. West Brom: 58pts (Phillips, 12pts)

  13. Watford: 50pts (Capoue, 14pts)

  14. Burnley: 47pts (Heaton, 13pts)

  15. Crystal Palace: 47pts (Zaha, 10pts)

  16. West Ham: 47pts (Reid, 15pts)

  17. Sunderland: 44pts (Defoe, 21pts)

  18. Leicester: 43pts (Slimani, 7pts)

  19. Swansea: 39pts (Sigurdsson, 10pts)

  20. Hull: 31pts (Snodgrass, 16pts)


Statistics in the FPL

We've launched a new Twitter account dedicated to statistics within the FPL, and we already love its addition as part of our Hype Train community as we're able to keep stats and opinions separate on their own forum of debate. Check out some of the stats we've pulled from the FPL site after Gameweek 20, and ahead of Gameweek 21, and go to our statistics page, @HypeTrainStats, for daily FPL aid.

Want to know more about The Hype Train?

The Hype Train is an entertainment website founded in 2015 specialising in the Fantasy Premier League (#FPL), providing beautiful graphics and weekly insight for hopeful players attempting to climb ranking tables. We are also occasional media reviewers, with a keen interest to review movies, television, live music, festivals, and any relevant topic in the public eye.

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All aboard.


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