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Budget FPL midfielders to consider for an early Wildcard

With the Fantasy Premier League already heading into its third round of fixtures, and clubs beginning to get a feel of who is and isn't playing, a few good budget options in midfielder for FPL players have come to the forefront of our attention. We provide a graphical aid for the men in the middle who we blieve have fixtures, form, and points potential on their side, as the Premier League enters into its first international break of the season, a time in the season in which a lot of experience FPL players play their first Wildcard of the season.

Who do so many FPL players play their first wildcard after Gameweek 3?

The Premier League has always has the schedule of playing three games of the season, before a two week interval for the early September international football period, in which continental or World Cup qualifiers tend to take place.

FPL culture is set around the idea that you can experiment and play around with your team in the opening weeks, and then when the transfer window shuts at the end of August and team availability disputes over players (i.e. Sanchez, Coutinho) settle, a clear picture of Premier League clubs is then made. Many short term options in the FPL might not be an option for Gameweek 4 due to the transfer window throwing in a surprise or to, as well as the international break claiming victims for FPL players through injury and the dreaded 'R' word - rotation.

So that leaves many FPL players activating their wildcards after Gameweek 3 heading into Gameweek 4. With two weeks of mass transfer activity, the price of players can (but isn't always a guarantee) rise a couple of times in the period, which can peer pressure a lot of players into activating also, believing that the players they eyed for their squads to be unobtainable if they leave their team as it is and risk the option being the same price in two weeks.

Who are the options to consider in Midfield?

With wildcard season approaching, and Alexis Sanchez coming into full fitness, and with Coutinho potentially being reintegrated into Liverpool's first team squad once the window closes, a few massive and game-changing options in midfield, who will cost a heavy fee for players interested in mixing up their midfielders, will have to be complimented price with value.

The FPL season so far has chalked up some stellar bargain bin midfielders, who we have detailed below with an individual graphic. This is by no means a sure list, with time in the window still to operate for transfers and changes to teams, but we believe these are the players who should be under consideration, if and when that 'active wildcard' button is pressed any time in the next two weeks.

For the purpose of this article, we're not going to include midfielders who are over the price of £6.0 million.

*since making his graphic, Aaron Mooy's FPL price has risen to £5.6 million

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