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Starting your Journey as a Fantasy Sports Journalist

Fantasy Football is a constantly evolving and growing market across the world, with hundreds of millions of people across the globe engaging in Fantasy sports through different mediums. Regardless of the game you play, whether for pleasure or financial gain, there is something for everyone. Some eagle-eyed fanatics like to cross to the other side and become involved in reporting in Fantasy sports journalism. We here at The Hype Train have provided what we believe are the essentials to starting your life as a reporter or analyst of the games you love to play. All aboard.

What we’re going to do to make this a simple read for everyone is split this article into different sections, starting with the basics and then into some more detailed practices that will happen when you’ve established your name, identity, and what you want to do.

We thought that this article would provide good insight into the practices of journalism that can make you stick out from the crowd, and get your name around town. Fantasy sports reporting when done right offers everything traditional football reporting does, but adds a new personal element of insight that can sway decisions when placing a bet, or picking a captain in your Fantasy Premier League team.

This article is also about football, as in soccer, just to clear up any potential confusion with American Football.

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We delve deep into what it takes to make it as a Sports Journalist covering fantasy sports, from website and blog creation, to logo design, as well as getting off the ground with understanding what makes a good name.

We have so many social media accounts asking us about these sorts of questions, so we've taken the time to flesh out some finer details, and get down to brass tax on the time consuming nature of being a sports journalist, something that you'll all certainly appreciate.

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All aboard.


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