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Which NFL Team Should You Support?: A Premier League Comparison (PART 1)

Welcome to the first instalment in your introduction to the NFL. Our aim is to provide an easy introduction about American Football for potentially interested UK and European fans. First off it’s time to pick a team. Here’s a brief comparison between NFL and Premier League Clubs that may help you make this tough decision. All aboard.

The Top 6:

The first part in our 'NFL Education' series begins with looking at NFL outfits in America that would be compared to one of the Premier League's established 'Top 6' sides; Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal, and Man United.

Man United: New England Patriots

Why?: Head Coach Bill Belichek is widely regarded as the best in the modern era and is often compared to Sir Alex Ferguson by the British NFL Media. The Patriots always seem to find way to win, sometimes under controversial circumstances.

Or... Pittsburgh Steelers

Why?: Enjoyed a large amount of their success through the 90’s, with regular appearances in the play-offs and multiple divisional and Conference Championships.

Man City: Carolina Panthers

Why?: A team that has recently developed into a Championship contender, however form varies drastically season to season. A number of young star players carry the team and this season in particular they look like Championship contenders.

Chelsea: Seattle Seahawks

Why?: Just like Chelsea the Seahawks have risen to league Superpowers since the turn of the century. Managed by a controversial and animated Pete Carroll, similarities can be found to both Mourinho And Conte. Both teams build from the back and have proven to be solid on the defensive side of the ball.

Tottenham: Green Bay Packers

Why?: A team on the cusp of greatness every year but often falling just short. A talented roster throughout and a talisman Quarterback in Aaron Rogers, arguably (and in my opinion) the best in the NFL modern era. Harry Kane is considered the top striker in the Premier League today and Spurs would struggle without him. Sadly for the Packers, Rogers may be out for the season with a broken collar-bone.

Liverpool: Dallas Cowboys

Why?: Both teams have legendary history with global fan bases, however neither team has won a Championship since the 90's. The Cowboys, like Liverpool, are pushing back into relevancy and may soon challenge for a title once more.

Arsenal: Cincinatti Bengals

Why?: Stability is key to their philosophies, having retained the same management for long periods (not always to the fans liking). Marvin Lewis has guided the Bengals to the play-offs in almost every year in the past decade. Only to fall at the first hurdle and lose in the first round. The NFL equivalent of a 4th placed finish.

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