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MLS Fantasy 2018: Gameweek 15 - Player Picks

Welcome to a second article for The Hype Train by @Sanchez_FPL, looking back at players who have performed in his team from last week, as well as looking forward to this weekend's round of fixtures. In this article we will be breaking down his team from Gameweek 14 and then going over why he is picking a certain team for the upcoming round of fixtures for Gameweek 15. All aboard.

MLS Fantasy: Gameweek Deadline

For the 2018 MLS Fantasy season there is a 'Rolling Lockout', which means you can make substitutions and transfers until the second a player's game kicks off, which means you can chop and change your lineup as any Gameweek progresses.

You can view the schedule and a real time Gameweek deadline countdown clock (in the London GMT timezone) on our dedicated MLS Fantasy page.

Serious changes were needed after Double Gameweek 14:

Slight tweaks were needed this weekend, especially as it is not a Double Gameweek, with all games taking place on Saturday and Sunday.

The slight tweaks were taking out the Atlanta United and Real Salt Lake coverage. I played around with some other teams too. As you will see teams like New York City and Columbus are playing a part this week.

I was well impressed with my teams performance last week, seeing as I made the choice to go heavy on Double Gameweek coverage exclusively. By close of play Saturday, I was looking good on 54 points. Well, it was made even better by Sunday when I burst the Gameweek scoring 125, my best ever total in MLS Fantasy.

The only bad part of this Nedyalkov and Ceren being injured. I could've done without the both of them being injured. It was made ok though by the fact that they did not play. I would've liked maybe one or two points from them, but I'll live.

Looking ahead to Gameweek 15:

A lot of chops and changes were made for this weekend and now I can look forward to this weekend because there is a big variety of players from different franchises playing each night.

New York, Columbus, Houston, Dallas, LA Galaxy and the Portland Timbers are all represented. LA Galaxy are heavily featured with Ola Kamara, Romain Alessandrini, and David Bingham all first choice starters this weekend.

New York City are the next with three in the roster for this upcoming weekend, with Maxi Moralez, Alexander Callens, and Sean Johnson, all representating the City brand.

Lastly, Columbus, Houston, and FC Dallas all feature with two player picks. Rounding off the team is Sebastian Blanco from Portland Timbers.

Hopes for MLS Fantasy Gameweek 15:

I hope that I can keep this good thing going, ok, I'm not expecting a massive points haul. Well, not as big as it was this past week with some heavy-hitting teams featuring twice.

I want to get to about 65+ points and if I can get to 90+ it will be a great week considering the intensified fixtures this weekend.


This weekend returns to a normal MLS Fantasy Gameweek (if there is such a thing), thus I am focusing on a lot of depth in my line-up. A lot of players from different teams, playing across the two days of MLS action means varying points are expected to come from different areas of the pitch.

Sometimes you need weekends like this and this Gameweek is a perfect example of going all out on differential picks that you wouldn't otherwise consider. I was willing to pick one player from 11 out of the 23 MLS sides too. See you on the other side of this Gameweek!

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