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MLS Fantasy 2020: End of Season Statistics Review

The 2020 MLS regular season finally ended on Sunday 8th November after a turmoil-filled campaign, with the season heavily impacted by the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, as well as the league taking the fight against racial inequality. We have provided a series of graphics that charts some of the defining statistics from MLS and the MLS Fantasy game from this most unique season in North American football history. All aboard.

Image Gallery: The Story of the 2020 MLS Season

The domestic football season in most of Asia and the America's takes place in a sole calendar year, with MLS kicking off its 25th league campaign with 26 teams kicking off in February for the very first time. It wasn't long until the spread of Covid-19 shut the doors of the league before the league really got going...

MLS Fantasy 2020: The Top 10 Players

The scoring system in MLS Fantasy, combined with most weeks consisting of Double Gameweek fixtures for a dozen teams, meant that the ceiling was high to obtain points, though somewhat limited as only a player's best score across two games would count towards their weekly points tally.

During the 2020 season, you needed to be averaging 92 points-per-week in order to crack the top limit of players. A total of 24,607 players registered to play the game in 2020 (though not all would have been active throughout the season), which is around 10,000 fewer when compared to the 2019 season - a definite product of the game releasing only a matter of days before the season, as well as a host of negatively-received changes to the game that drove a host of players away.

What you do find at the very top of the game is the weekly active players, which over the course of the last few years has created an ultra-competitive environment for the top few percent of regular players.

The 2020 season, blighted with a global pandemic, saw the game reduced to 14 Gameweek's, meaning one bad week had huge ramifications on the overall table.

Overall MLS Fantasy 2020 League Table (Top 10):

The overall winner of MLS Fantasy averaged 95.86 points across 14 Gameweek's.

The Hype Train's 2020 MLS Fantasy League:

Our 185-team MLS Fantasy classic league saw Jeff Jones, who finished in our Top 10 last season, going the distance in 2020, finishing 3rd overall and winning our league with 1334 points. Contragulations to Jeff on the win and here's looking forward to another strong performance in 2021!

How our team finished: Rob Austin finished 92nd overall and 15th in the THT league, whilst Sam Austin finished lower down the rankings with an an overall finish of 1,566 and finished 58th in the THT classic league.

Final THT Classic League Table (Top 10):

The Hype Train's classic league winner averaged 95.29 points across 14 Gameweek's in MLS Fantasy.

Image Gallery: MLS Fantasy 2020 Season Statistics

To round off our graphical review of the season, we have grabbed most of the key information from the 2020 MLS Fantasy season, from top point-scoring to best players to league winners, top goal scorers and more...

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