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Premier League 2021/22 Season: FPL Pre-Season Fantasy Forecast

Ahead of each Gameweek in the Premier League, The Hype Train's team - Robert Austin, Sam Austin and Phil Jones - compete for FPL and league standings supremacy in predicting Premier League scores, as well as going head-to-head in picking a Scout Picks squad for each round of games. Before a ball as been kicked though, the team provide their Pre-Season picks. forecasting how they might see the 2021/22 season playing out. Welcome to the Forecast. All aboard.

Premier League 2021/22 Season: Gameweek 1 Fixtures

Premier League 2021/22 Season: FPL Pre-Season Forecast

Enjoy our FPL Forecast article, with each of our team forecasting how we think the Premier League will shape up this upcoming season. If you agree or want to challenge us on our point of view, get in touch with us on our main Twitter account, @RealHypeTrain, or on Instagram!

2021/22 Premier League Season: Pre-Season Forecast

Premier League Winners: Manchester City PL Top 6: 1 – Manchester City 2 – Liverpool 3 – Manchester United 4 – Chelsea 5 – Leicester 6 – Spurs Reasoning behind Top 6: So, we are back for a new season, but what can I see changing? The only team last year that broke into the top six was West Ham, but can they realistically retain that position or better it with the big teams once again spending money to reinforce. I can’t see it which is why I see Spurs creeping back into the Europa League places. I can see Leicester once again battling to get into the top four, with 5th and 6th a toss up between them and Spurs. In terms of top four I can see it still being the familiar bunch from last season, but the only real difference is Liverpool and United switching places. I think with a pre-season and reset it might benefit the 2019/20 winners to recapture the form from past seasons, with 20/21 a very underwhelming year for Liverpool. Chelsea will be up there and for me they are ‘dark horses’ because if there was a team to cause a bit of a stir it will be the Blues. Tuchel had the London team purring and even led them to Champions League success, so they cant be discounted. The real question is if Tuchel can shake the gelling period where the players appear to be off the mark to start the season. Manchester United will be competitive but even with Sancho coming in (great transfer, by the way) there are still doubts if they have the clinical edge to finally make the leap to title challenger and bride the gap over their local rival. Then there is Manchester City, the first team in English history to pull the trigger on a £100mil signing. Jack Grealish is a real talent but will get more than 25 starts under Pep who said in pre-season that anyone who expects to play every game should find another team. City’s depth is crazy, so they are naturally the team I look to defend their own crown. Liverpool have only brought in Konate from Leipzig, and as a supporter of the Reds myself I just can’t see us competing for the title if we don’t add some much-needed depth to their midfield and attack. The Relegated Trio: 18 – Burnley 19 – Watford 20 – Norwich Top FPL Player at the end of the Season: Mohamad Salah (Liverpool) Top FPL Player by Position: GK – Edouard Mendy (CHE) DEF – Trent Alexander-Arnold (LIV) MID – Mohamad Salah (LIV) FOR – Harry Kane (TOT)

Best Budget Option (that comes good): 1. Robert Sánchez (BHA, GK, £4.5mil) 2. Luke Thomas (LEI, DEF, £4.5mil) 3. Emile Smith-Rowe (ARS, MID, £5.5mil) Biggest FPL Disappointment: Jack Grealish (MCI) – The dye has been cast with the first £100mil English player, and my concern is that whilst I massively rate Grealish I am unsure if he will get the minutes to justify his price tag, with the roulette wheel dictating Pep’s team on a weekly basis. I have always held the firm belief that not even Pep knows his team until it is released to the public. Top PL Goal Scorer: Harry Kane (Spurs) & Mohamad Salah (LIV) – I believe there will be a shared Golden Boot this year. I think they will both finish on 25 goals each.

Most PL Assists: Jadon Sancho (Manchester United): I really want it to work for Sancho in England so I am making an audacious pick of putting my faith in the young Englishman running the likes of KDB and Kane for their money. Most Clean Sheets (Team): Manchester City First Manager Sacked/Left: Francisco Llompart (Watford) Surprise Package (Player): Cristian Romero (Spurs) Yes, that is right. A Spurs defender. Why? Because Cristian Romero might be one of the best young and upcoming central defenders on the planet. Romero bossed Seria A with Atalanta last season, and he was part of the partnership with Otamendi that cruised Argentina to this year’s Copa America title. Romero was Seria A’s best defender last season, and alongside Emi Martinez picked up an international honour. There is a big reason Spurs paid big money for the defender. I can’t want to see Romero in the Premier League. And at 23 years old, Romero is going to just get better. He instantly improves the Spurs defence, so keep your eyes peeled for a future star of the Premier League. Surprise Package (Team): Everton…with Rafa now is charge, having traded Red for Blue I can see the Toffees really making a, a…I can’t say it. I had you though. No, Everton will still be Everton. Last year they exceeded everyone’s expectations after an explosive first half of the season to finish 10th in the table like real trend setters. The actual answer isn’t Aston Villa who are the most obvious who have had a good window (which I debate as Grealish) was integral to the team’s performance. If there is a real surprise team in the league it is Wolves. After a disappointing year last year I can see the new coach and set of players brought in to add a completely different dynamic from the team we knew under Nuno. I can see Wolves turning some heads this year.

2021/22 Premier League Season: Pre-Season Forecast

Premier League Winners: Chelsea FC

PL Top 6: 1 – Chelsea 2 – Liverpool 3 – Man City 4 – Man Utd 5 – Leicester 6 – Spurs

Reasoning behind Top 6: Chelsea: On the back of an outstanding Champions League win, Chelsea now have a fully fit squad for the first time in 2 seasons, and they’ve just added a world top 5 striker in Romelu Lukaku to complete the set.

Liverpool: Injuries ended their season at the first hurdle last time around, but now with VVD back at the helm, this team is hungry to prove themselves once again and will push for the title all the way.

Man City: This current squad needs a goalscorer to keep in the race this season. A potential signing of Harry Kane could change this picture dramatically, but with a few days before the Season starts, this huge squad is lacking something.

Man Utd: United have upgraded in some key areas and now have a formidable attack and defence. Their problem still lies in the midfield as Pogba et al struggle to build chemistry. There’s only so many times a Bruno penalty can win you points, but they have enough to make the Top 4.

Leicester: Expect another strong season from a talented young team (plus Vardy). Their season will boil down to keeping players healthy and managing the squad carefully through cups and the league. Priorities need to be set early on to succeed.

Spurs: 6th place is reliant on securing Kane for another season and keeping him motivated to score another 20+ goals. There is a lot of uncertainty in the squad and a new manager that is unlikely to know his best XI for a good few weeks. West Ham, Arsenal and Aston Villa will contend to make Top 6 ahead of them.

The Relegated Trio: 18 – Burnley 19 – Brentford 20 – Brighton

Top FPL Player at the end of the Season: Mo Salah (LIV)

Top FPL Player by Position: GK – Alisson (LIV) DEF – Ben Chilwell (CHE) MID – Mo Salah (LIV) FOR – Romelu Lukaku* (CHE)

*Editors note: at the time of writing, Romelu Lukaku's potential move to Chelsea from Inter Milan hasn't been finalised

Best Budget Option (that comes good): Josh King (WAT) / Joe Willock (ARS/NEW)

Biggest FPL Disappointment: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (ARS) / Phil Foden (MCI)

Top PL Goal Scorer: Salah (LIV) / Lukaku (CHE)

Most PL Assists: Hakim Ziyech (CHE) / Trent Alexander-Arnold (LIV)

Most Clean Sheets (Team): Liverpool / Chelsea

First Manager Sacked/Left: Rafa Benitez (EVE)

Surprise Package (Player): Armando Broja (CHE - being loaned to Southhampton)

Surprise Package (Team): Southampton

2021/22 Premier League Season: Pre-Season Forecast

Premier League Winners: Man City

PL Top 6: 1 – Man City 2 – Chelsea 3 – Liverpool 4 – Man United 5 – Leicester 6 – Arsenal Reasoning behind Top 6: City / Chelsea: The wealth of each club will play a huge factor this season. Bigger squads, more rotation and can throw cold hard cash at any problem. Nothing depresses me more to think that this domestic campaign might end up like this. Liverpool: They need their entire team to stay fit all season, a scenario that just won’t happen, if they are to challenge. The Reds still haven’t figured out life without Virgil at the back whilst he nears the end of his recovery, whilst the trio up top will be fine next season as they’re the type of players to feed off live crowds. I just don’t see Klopp’s team having the legs, especially when City can throw around ridiculous money for rotational fodder. Man United: They’ve got their guy in Sancho. They’re about to get a proven winner in Varane. The only difference with the top teams is that Man United don’t have Tuchel or Guardiola in the dugout. I just can’t see United going the distance this season, though with the likes of the English lads – Shaw, Sancho, Maguire, Rashford etc – it is seriously hard to hate half this United squad so of all them I am hoping that they mount a serious challenge. Leicester: Who doesn’t love watching Leicester? A true-to-life underdog story, and a team that has created Top 6 foundations for years now. My only fear for them is that a Champions League birth will be near-impossible when all the teams above them have been consolidating with big money buys. Arsenal: I’ll probably be laughed out of the room by most for even suggesting Arsenal can grace the Top 6, but it isn’t out of their sights. The downfall of this Gunners team has been fantastic to watch over at AFTV, though the reality is that this team has potential and a settled process – whereas Wolves, Everton and Spurs, all have new Manager’s in charge, so it might be seen as a good opportunity to get back into European competition next season. It also helps that Mikel Arteta’s side don’t have European games, gifting them with a sole focus on the league. The Relegated Trio: 18 – Newcastle 19 – Brentford 20 – Norwich I’m in default mode whenever I see Norwich in the Premier League – they’re going back down. I lived in the city for three years, get the culture around the club. It’s nice that they have signed Gilmour, and have Milot Rashica on their books too, but that’s not enough. Pukki couldn’t sustain a good start last time out, and they look like they’ll be leaking the most goals again. Elsewhere, Brentford are a default pick as they’re new and might only survive if they have a debut year like Reading or most recently, Sheffield United, where the pure hype gets them through. Realistically though, they are prime for an immediate drop. Lastly, I keep saying it but Newcastle are just there for the taking. I’ve been a lifelong support of the club for those new to this site, and my running commentary of the club’s ownership in the last few years has just become more dour and desperate as time goes on. Home fans being allowed back in the stadium after a season of woeful Bruceball will take its toll early on, as will the constant legal proceedings over the club’s ownership. Fans at home games will be very interesting this season – I think Bruce is going to be jeered out of St James’ Park on a weekly basis. Top FPL Player at the end of the Season: Bruno Fernandes (MUN) – The Portuguese midfielder ended last season as the top player with 244 points, somehow! Bruno vanished in the latter part of the season and hasn’t put in a big performance against another Top 6 club just yet, but somehow he gets the points (and penalties) to be in pole position again next season… In general I think FPL will be more of the same as last season, labouring and full of contentious decisions from those administrating the game – so why wouldn’t Fernandes be in pole position again? Top FPL Player by Position: GK – Emi Martinez (AVL) DEF – Trent Alexander-Arnold (LIV) MID – Bruno Fernandes (MUN) FOR – Harry Kane (TOT or MCI) Best Budget Option (that comes good): Joel Willock (NEW) at £6.0m will be irresistible for most FPL players given that most players who have scored a couple of couple in the last five years are drastically overvalued. Biggest FPL Disappointment: Heung-Min Son (TOT) – True quality shines through in the end, though the club around Son at Spurs might let the South Korean down. If Kane goes to City, the knock on effect for the £10.0m midfielder might take its toll. Here’s hoping that isn’t the case. Top PL Goal Scorer: Mohamed Salah (LIV) – If Harry Kane stays at Spurs, the only true contender for the Golden Boot, as is the case nowadays, is The Egyptian King. I can see Salah getting around 23 goals this season. If Kane moves to City, most can see a 30-goal season for Kane and the Golden Boot too. Most PL Assists: Bruno Fernandes (MUN) Most Clean Sheets (Team): Man City – Pep’s team usually get around the 18-mark this season, and can see that happening again given their squad depth. First Manager Sacked/Left: Steve Bruce (NEW) – I’ve got a feeling that Newcastle fans will have Graeme Jones installed as Manager if it doesn’t work out for Steve Bruce this season. Jones was part of Gareth Southgate’s coaching team at the European Championships, whilst Newcastle’s form picked up in January once Jones joined the club from Bournemouth. Surprise Package (Player): Cristian Romero (Spurs) – Proven quality with a lot of defensive statistics in his favour from his time in Atalanta, Spurs have a seriously good (and young) central defender on their hands. If Spurs keep a clean sheet, Romero will be the type of player who nabs the maximum bonus points in a low-scoring game. Surprise Package (Team): Watford – the Pozzo family are just throwing anything and everything at wall and I’ve no idea where this team will land next season. If there was one team with a big question mark over them, it’s Xisco’s side – if the right conditions and a good balance can be found, they might have a decent campaign… All of this could be undone by Christmas though when Xisco is given the axe and their next hot prospect Manager comes in for six months.

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